Treating Constipation with JWLABS’ Model A

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Liver 13 acupucture pointConstipation –
Treating with JWLABS Model A at Liver 13 Acupuncture Point

I’ve had great results addressing constipation using the location of the acupuncture point, Liver 13 – on the right side, with the JWLABS Model A3 Rife Machine. I used the Liver protocol with all four levels. During the very last five minutes of level 4, I began to notice “movement” in the lower stomach area and by the time I finished level 4, I made a run for the bathroom! My husband did the same protocol with the same results. Constipation was much relieved.

Liver 13 is the thirteenth point along the main acupuncture channel of the Liver.
It lies at the tip of the 11th rib, or just inferior and anterior to it.

ACTIONS of Liver 13
Regulates interaction between Liver and Spleen
Releases Qi stagnation, including that caused by the Liver
Harmonizes the middle and lower jiao
Strengthens the Spleen

This is a great point for treating irritable bowel pain and for enabling the feces to move, thus averting constipation:

I placed one pad on the right side (Liv 13) of the body and the other pad on ST36 which is one the leg. You could place the second pad on the palm of the hand or any other place that is comfortable. I would recommend that you place the second pad on the opposite side of the body.

ST 36 is located below the knee cap, about 3 inches, lateral side of the bone about 1/2 inch.

ST36 acupuncture point


Dr. Beverly K. Cowan, DAOM, Dipl.OM (NCCAOM)
Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine


Note: This information is offered for experimental use only. We do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions, and we recommend that you see your health practitioner before proceeding with your experimentation with Rife technology.

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