Are you Skeptical of Rife Technology?

Great! That probably means you're "our kind" of people!

The Thinker

A high degree of skepticism is a good thing, especially today. We welcome your skepticism. If you are skeptical and reading this page at all, you are probably like so many people who would like to believe in the Rife technology, but you need to have some really well grounded facts before you even open up to a dialog.

The more scientific you are about it, the better you will understand our message. But we are not really here to convince you of anything. Our job is to give a full disclosure to our users and to help you sort out fact from fiction. We welcome skeptics for the reason that, in most cases, once you sit down in front of a really good instrument you will no longer doubt the veracity of the technology and what we are presenting. People who initially do not believe, but are critical thinkers, often turn out to be our most enthusiastic customers.

We will offer you a few of the basic known quantities, in the hope that our material will encourage you to call us for more information, or personal counseling.

The first point to drive home is that Rife and his story are real historical events. Our link to the Smithsonian Annual Report for 1944, should prove that. It’s important to note that not all of the things that have become popular diatribe are factual.

If you have looked at a lot of websites other than JWLABS, you have probably seen a lot of conflicting information or plain disinformation. This confuses the important issues, which leads to skepticism in the minds of most reasonable people.

When we were first introduced to the Rife technique, we were skeptical too. In fact, we are among the most mistrustful of people, in part because after you have been scammed enough times you don’t quickly accept much of anything; even when the proof is staring you in the face. At that time (1986), all the Internet rhetoric and mumbo-jumbo did not exist. We had to figure it out for ourselves.


Some makers like to emphasize the persecution of Rife and Rife machine manufacturers, and use such exaggerations to create a sense of urgency by implying that it won’t be available much longer.

One of the obvious and best known principals of the Rife technology likens it to shattering a glass with the right musical tones. A hundred years ago there were probably a lot of people who would have a hard time believing that, unless they could see it for themselves. However, in the modern world, these principals are no longer doubted.

A lesser known principal of Rife has to do with taking advantage of the difference in strength between virus and bacteria and that of a human cell.

The difference can be as much as a million times. Radiation therapy attempts to take advantage of the difference in the strength of a normal human cell and a human cancer cell, which is a very small difference by comparison.

The Rife transducer is in part, designed to exploit the difference between human cells and pathogens, by means of current. It only takes a few volts at minuscule amperage, to electrocute almost any pathogen, instantly. JWLABS machines deliver this electrocuting energy, which is at the same time a stimulus to the body, incorporating Rife’s Mortal Oscillatory Rates.

Even if you have doubts about the MORs, it’s very difficult to doubt the effects of microbial electrocution. Electro-stimulators have been in use by the mainstream medical profession for many years. Their ability to revitalize, and to reduce pain are well established. It is also a matter of historical fact that much of that technology has been built on the work of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife of San Diego, California.

You may examine additional information by reading our Rife FAQ page, which answers questions that are most often asked. This should at least take the edges off of your disbelief.

For a more technical discussion confirming the effects of the technology, see Pentagon Release, and Rife Technology Explanation.

For reports from our users, see Rife Machine Testimonials.