Dr. Royal Raymond Rife

1888 - 1971

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife was a genius in the field of microscopy. His invention of a complex microscope utilizing quartz crystals allowed for the first time, a magnification of 60,000 x. This breakthrough instrument, provided the first observation of living viruses.

From about 1928 till the mid 1960’s, Roy Rife and his many friends and followers developed and completed a basic system of electro-medical treatment and therapy. It was different from all others because it was much more predictable using even the most rudimentary frequency schedule of only a few target oscillation rates.

They had some spectacular successes.

After many hundreds of thousands of personal experiments, it is now recognized more or less everywhere in the world as being a valid method of treatment and a great stand-alone home remedy. The many experimenters with the therapy over the last 83 years have often reported enhanced effectiveness and predictability of a vast number of existing and traditional therapies.

Today’s technology, via JWLABS, offers hand tuned frequency titles which contain thousands of applications and trillions of frequencies. This highly refined tuning, composed by an expert, is now ready-at-hand for the modern user.