The Opposition to Rife Technology

Electro-medicine has been employed by forward-thinking health professionals for many years. The current state of the technology we employ utilizes the work of Royal Rife and many others who came before and after.

JWLABS specialize in solid-state devices which deliver full-bodied frequency sessions for use as a home remedy, allowing you to get your hands back on the steering wheel concerning your health and wellness. We also support clinics worldwide who use our devices.

Our mission is to bring the merits of what has become known as Rife technology to the mainstream.

We do this by offering products which are reliable and affordable and produce benefits for the user. In addition, we are committed to full customer support to help ensure the optimum results.

JWLABS has been the purveyor of fine frequency instruments since 1987.

Our Model A Rife machine is used by many to address the following:

  • chronic illness
  • opportunistic infections
  • detoxing
  • pain relief
  • general health maintenance

The Opposition

If you are questioning the veracity of our medical system, if you are concerned about an industry which promotes drugs and other therapies which often leave us more damaged than from the original disease, you may think that they are the opposition.

You probably have concerns about our rising health care costs and lower standing in the world regarding real health.

Perhaps you are aware that lobbyists from the pharmaceutical industry outnumber Congress persons on the Hill by a factor of two to one, assuring that we have fewer real choices other than which drug to take.

You may be doubting the wisdom of legislating vaccines which are laced with toxins and have demonstrated disastrous results for those who now suffer from neurological disorders and other problems, even death.

Yet all of these factors do not make up our greatest opposition!

They represent excellent reasons to have your personal Rife machine; but they do not constitute the most nefarious opposing force to our mission.

You may be surprised to learn that our concern is more about some of the players in the Rife machine industry itself! We are disheartened to observe that some individuals are not truthfully representing their products. And even more so, some have degraded themselves by falsely representing their competition in order to make themselves look better.

We have knowledge that, historically, there have been operations set up to produce sub-standard equipment and make a small illicit fortune in the business. They offered no technical support to further the results of their users. Furthermore, at least one of these entities represented themselves as a “Research Institute” which conveniently recommended only two brands of machines, both of which they manufactured. These folks have since closed their doors, leaving thousands of people with machines which cannot be serviced, never mind any guidance on safe use.

We can speculate (though we have no proof) that this operation, like others we have observed previously, was set up specifically with the mission to discredit the industry.

What better way to create a poor reputation for the technology than by infiltrating it and producing lackluster equipment? (Note that Morris Fishbein of the AMA originally approached Dr. Rife as an investor. He had the ardent intention of infecting the business from the inside, much like the very viruses Rife was shown to devitalize.)

Currently, we can point to a business which has appeared on the scene only within the last few years. This company is apparently headed up by a person who was tinkering around with zapper-type equipment when he acquired our Model A (several units, in fact).

He availed himself of John Wright’s generosity with respect to technical discussion , exhibited little to no interest in customer support information,  and started his own business as a competitor.

No problem with that. Though his equipment appears to be cheap digital devices made in China.  Additionally, he seems not skilled in communication, so we doubt seriously his ability or inclination for customer support.

What reveals his true character is that he produced a video featured on You Tube and on his web site which demonstrates glaringly that he has no ethics. He claims to represent on an oscilloscope his device with three other manufacturers. He has manipulated the information to tout his machine as the most powerful.

It is clear to the trained observer that this is nonsense. Not only has he obviously not turned the amplitude up on the machines of his competitors, he is showing them at a lower range of frequencies. This creates an image, that for the untrained eye, might support his assertion that the shape of the frequency wave indicates the power of the output.

As we write, there is another firm which distributes two identical devices. The exact same text and specifications are represented on different web sites, one depicting the device as a “Clark zapper”, the other as a “Rife Digital” device. Images of Hulda Clark and Royal Rife embellish each device respectively.

Clearly, this is  an attempt to take advantage of those who would recognize one name or the other. Worse, they are taking advantage of what you don’t know. Note that both instruments are distributed from the same location in Florida.

They do not provide customer support, presumably because they do not know enough about the technology to support their users or because they simply have a commitment which does not include supporting their customers. Several of our customers have turned over these devices to us in exasperation.

There are others of dubious credibility. Some are replete with videos and complicated instructions. One such group appeared seemingly out of nowhere a few years ago. They speak frankly about “quantum entanglement” and boldly claim that their “Rife machine” diagnoses and works remotely with fingernail clippings.

The developers are not available to support their users. Instead they refer you to a forum of other users. How do you know to whom you are communicating? And by the way, when did Royal Rife speak of quantum entanglement? They’re big right now, likely because they have invested heavily in out doing Google’s algorithm.

Did we mention that this unsupported, questionable device is made in China? Or that they often recommend that you may need up to four devices to achieve your results?

Strange, but we’ve seen stranger. Consider another guru, a seemingly brilliant guy who produces an instrument housed in what looks like a flashlight cylinder. Apparently it delivers quantum energy technology which is enhanced with integrated gemstones. He calls it “Light Stream Technology.” Sounds interesting, right?

But why does he also tout it as Rife technology? And why does he purchase certain Rife devices (including our Model A3) and make videos with unfavorable comparisons? It’s apples and oranges!

Curiously, in his brief writing about Rife technology, he extols the benefits of direct contact with current, as do we. Yet his device contradicts his assessment. It does not employ electrode contacts. It is not delivering current, but what he calls “quantum energy.”

More curious still, this gentleman touts a classic “Rife frequency list” and even follows our lead of making the frequencies available on CDs. (We’ve done this for nearly fifteen years.)

Could it be that he, too, is taking advantage of the increasing recognition of Dr. Royal Rife’s good name? And is this just another rendition of the old game of taking advantage of what the reader does not know? You be the judge.

This is but a short sketch of the nefarious and/or less-than-forthright characters who abound in this industry.  There are no standards agreed to by all parties in the industry, so it becomes a bit of a free-for-all.

Yes, there are cases where manufacturers have been harassed, even prosecuted. We feel for them, for they are often people of good will. But much of the damage to our industry is done from the inside out. And this is something that flies under the radar for the consumer, with potential for grave consequences.

This is not to diminish the fact that many people benefit from these devices, even with sub-standard design or implementation. That’s the nature of and the beauty of electro-medicine.

There are countless effects to be derived from frequency application (Note the technical paper from the DOD.) These effects can be for good or for ill. We must make our best effort to educate the public to the full ramifications so they can make sound choices and proceed as safely as possible.

The medical profession? Don’t worry too much about them, as opposition to this industry, that is. We have long anticipated that they would one day embrace electro-medicine as their own. Indeed, we are seeing this now. Never mind that they will never acknowledge Dr. Rife, the gentleman who gave it credibility.

As to our colleagues in the industry who are of good intention and good science, we salute you. It is a pleasure to be in your company!

What can you do? Do your homework! Talk to the experts. Get to know the people at the company of your choice. Make sure they are learned, sincere, and committed to helping you achieve the results you so desire. True, we cannot promise the hoped-for outcome; but we will be with you throughout the process.