Rife Technology Benefits

The most often reported effect of electro-stimulus is an increase in energy.

This is partly explained in the literature as being the result of ATP synthesis, a known process that occurs in the muscular tissues. The long term effect is increased strength, bone, tendon and muscle growth.

There are a vast number of tissue types in the body; stimulating them all, even slightly, seems to result in a reliable turn around for a great many people.

Other noted effects include a variety of bio-active electromotive forces. The endergonic reactions brought about by frequency and polarity result in microbial electrocution and detoxification. These may also include many other effects, such as diathermy, electrolysis, nerve adaptation and electroporation to a much lesser degree.

To summarize, once the user has achieved an optimum maintenance program, the benefits are multi-fold. Testimonials include the following:

  • Increased vitality
  • Improved circulation
  • Pain relief
  • Improved flexibility
  • Reduced need for medications
  • Accelerated healing of injuries, including surgical procedures
  • More robust resistance to opportunistic infections including staph, strep, colds & influenza and more.
  • Candida overgrowth and other mold/fungus issues resolved.
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One of the most admirable benefits of frequency therapy is the amazing resistance to common illness that regular users enjoy.

If a user is able to cut down or eliminate some clinic or doctor visits, and reduce prescription drug dependency, there are significant savings all around.

It would be a waste to buy an expensive machine that is really designed to prove the theory, rather than one designed for daily use. Portability and durability are also factors to consider.

Drug-Free Recovery

Experienced users routinely recover from many health problems using the machine without drugs. It could be something simple like a cold, or it could be a life threatening epidemic.

When users observe the high degree of effectiveness and reliability of machines like JWLABS Model A devices (especially with continued use over time), they acquire confidence in the therapy.

This often gives them the assurance they need to refuse drugs and to generally resist the “Doom and Gloom” marketing strategy of conventional medicine.

Home Remedy

JWLABS Rife machines have been used traditionally in home remedy for decades. Our machines have been used to address the most serious forms of disease.

This speaks to how easily and routinely Rife machines are now being used in homes across the globe. Necessity is the mother of invention, they say; and never before has it been so imperative that we find new approaches to protecting and preserving our health.

Our vision is, and always has been, to make quality Rife therapy affordable enough for the patient to take home.

Many users of JWLABS Model A report that the machine paid for itself in savings within the first year.

None of this is possible without proper support. Astute customers prefer a company with a long history; one which demonstrates a commitment to their product and service and one which does not rely on “bells and whistles” to impress.

The Frequency Instrument, or Rife machine is not a panacea. There are things it can do and things it cannot do. If the user understands what those things are, and has been provided the kind of support or knowledge he needs to make the machine work for him, it can be one of the most important cost-cutting measures one can take. Especially if medical costs are already a burden.

“I have been using the machine twice a week on a regular basis. It has improved my blood sugars for Diabetes and has helped me to stay off the pills and shots for some time now.  Me and my family will use your machines for the rest of our lives. We have three. Thanks for everything.”

Lanny S. — Texas

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Alan Cantwell, Jr. M.D. observed the ineffectiveness of conventional treatment in eradicating cancer

“I studied autopsies of … patients who had been treated with massive doses of antibiotics for weeks before death: the antibiotics failed to kill the cancer microbes. I saw the microbe in tissues that had been burned with massive doses of radiation … I saw the microbe thriving in cancerous tissue that had been blitzed with chemotherapy; the cancer cells were destroyed, but the … microbe remained! Nothing fazed the cancer microbe: not surgery, not radiation, not antibiotics, not chemotherapy …”

— from The Cancer Microbe, p 115; 1990

Interview Transcript; Dr. Cantwell Lecture