Preventative Maintenance

Find out how to protect yourself from pathogens past, present, and future with the Rife machine of choice by those “in the know”.

Do you have concerns about opportunistic infections for which we are routinely encouraged to take vaccines? Many are learning a safer, non-intrusive approach to protecting against these ailments. Not only does the Rife machine de-vitalize pathogens (parasites, fungi, bacteria, and viruses), it strengthens the body’s natural immune response. Most regular users report that they no longer get colds or flu. And they seem to be more resistant to even the most exotic of infections.

Because the machine helps the natural function of the cell, detoxification is another benefit which serves to make the end-user stronger and more resilient. A natural consequence of adding frequency to the body is the improvement of circulation – both cardiovascular and lymphatic. This benefit alone can improve other functions in the body. As one ages and becomes less active, these issues become more important.

People of all ages benefit from short sessions applied routinely in order to maintain their state of good health. It’s as basic as soap and water. It will one day be recognized as a natural and effective hygienic routine.


“Best machine made-whatever the cost! I had arthritis on both hands with 30% grip strength in 2004. Rife by jwlabs solved the problem in 2 months and I have been fine since.”

Steve C – Rhode Island

See our Success Stories for further illustration of the benefits of using the Model A Rife machine.

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