Who is it For

Equipment Design

Our Model A normally best controlled by the person who is using it, so even in a clinical setting, we encourage the user to have hands-on.

Model A is designed for ease of operation and convenience. It is powered by a universal adapter, a USB cable or four AAA batteries. Light-weight and compact, it is imbedded in a crush-proof carrying case. It lends itself to easy portability, so it is especially favored by travelers, truck drivers, and people working in the field with patients.

Typical User Profile

The average user has one or more problems that have either not responded to conventional treatments, or have not been adequately diagnosed by physicians. These are also often the folks who aggressively or proactively pursue solutions to their unique problems and are prepared to take charge, rather than leave it to fate.

Increasingly, people are finding us who are not ill. They are ahead of the curve, in the sense that they recognize the limitations of conventional medicine before their health is significantly compromised. Once it’s understood that supplementing with frequency therapy is fundamental to maintaining good health, it becomes apparent that this device is an invaluable asset for long-term use.

This leads us to another group of folks. Many are setting aside food and other resources for the eventuality of economic and sociological breakdown. Called “survivalists” by some, these people are convinced of the wisdom of including Model A in their preparations.

Common Usage

There are numerous good reasons to use the Rife machine routinely as part of your health maintenance regimen. The machine may be used to good effect by even the novice user, and tends to eliminate most common problems more or less permanently. There are at least 350 specific problems that seem to be well established, and of those about 70 issues are considered popular.

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