There are many benefits of using the machine. Long term and short term benefits are economic as well as physical.

The economical side reduces medical costs across the board in the form of transportation wear and tear, prescription drug use, time, trouble and stress. Many of our customers have reduced and/or eliminated their reliance on medications. The machine costs virtually nothing to use, and it will last a lifetime.

The physical side gives users control of many problems. For most users it represents complete freedom from the most common seasonal colds, flu and allergies. It may be equally effective for much more serious, otherwise untreatable problems, like bacteria, virus, fungus, and mycoplasma.

The ability to know that most types of contagious disease will bring no symptoms at all, is a major advantage for any persons life, and or lifestyle.

See our Success Stories for further illustration of the benefits of using the Model A Rife machine.


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