Rife Resource For Questions And Misconceptions

This Rife resource was created to answer some of the many questions and misconceptions that will often come up when discussing this technology. It’s important to research the facts from a real Rife resource provided by those with decades of working with this often speculated technology.

The below questions and misconceptions are addressed to give the reader a better understanding of what is true and false about these devices.

Are Rife Machines Illegal?

Rife ResourceIn some countries, any apparatus or device bearing the name Rife Machine would be stopped at the border. In other countries, they are warmly welcomed. Today the name may still be a problem, even though most devices that bear the name are Rife in name only.

There are not prohibitions regarding owning or using or manufacturing Rife machines. There are legal concerns, however, pertaining to claims or promises of results. If you are sharing your machine or information with someone, it is imperative that you emphasize that these devices are for experimental use only. They are not approved medical devices.

What Can I Say About Rife Technology?

Doctors and Rife machinesMost Rife machines are intended for home remedy, and are not approved for medical use. In the U.S., doctors are not allowed to use them in their practice. These regulations do not apply to private users. Obviously, users must not do anything with the machine that might be construed as practicing medicine.

It is terribly important that users not give people false hope. It must be emphasized, when sharing this technology with loved ones, that this is to be embraced as experimental. Testimonials may be sited, but we caution against raising unreasonable expectations.

From a technical point of view, the JWLABS devices are merely delivering audio frequency to the body. In principal, this is indistinguishable from any other audio equipment like a TV or stereo.

It is our understanding that it is perfectly safe and legal for people to use devices of this kind in the privacy of their homes, according to their intent.

If at any time a user realizes a change that is attributed to one of these devices, it is reasonable and expected that a user may report that effect. If it is a significant change to their well being, it may be important that they do so, and the amount of hazard or risk involved should not escalate because of it.

These reports are always considered to be anecdotal evidence, and not of any scientific value. Therefore they are also of no particular interest in medicine, or to medical authority for the purposes of enforcement, lawful or otherwise. Nevertheless, it is routine that two users with the same problem will get similar results. A percentage of users with the same problem will respond differently. Because not all people are the same, it is necessary to always state that results vary from user to user.

Is Rife Technology Quackery?

Absolutely not. Medical practitioners must operate their business according to their licenses and certifications. They are presumably allowed to use any device that is approved. Rife devices of various types, (not bearing the name Rife) were approved for use in conventional medicine before 1972.

A quack is a doctor who practices medicine after his license has been revoked. This has nothing whatsoever to do with Rife technology.

Is a direct contact machine a real Rife machine?

rife machineA large part of our job has been to reveal that Rife used the transducer devices which were already patented. This was confirmed by John Crane after Rife passed away. Rife called the lower frequencies the “base numbers”. The broadcast device which he devised to work with his microscope issued much higher frequencies; the harmonics of the lower numbers.

There are two schools of thought: that the broadcast machine is the “true” Rife machine. He did, after all, invent it to effectively treat the sample under his microscope. This is what he discussed openly and he was photographed with it often.

It stands to reason, however, that it was not productive for Rife to promote himself as using the old-style transducer machines which were previously patented. So the fact that he used them was kept close to the chest.

Note that there are beneficial effects which are only achievable with transducer application.

Is it true I can use the Rife machine on my pets?

As a matter of fact, Rife technology has been approved for veterinary use for some time now. Many of JWLABS customers are using Model A with their pets, sometimes with remarkable results.

Still Have Questions?

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