Rife Machine Reviews And Testimonials

Elimination of Medication

Rife Machine Reviews and Uses

Rife machine reviews can be very helpful for others as it provides an insight as how these devices can be used and how others experienced the product. For most people, the decision to use a machine that costs nothing to use, as compared to becoming dependent and/or addicted to prescription drugs is truly an obvious choice. Often this is of great importance to those who are allergic or prone to bad reactions to conventional drug therapies. The most common approach is to slowly reduce the drug to nothing as the effect of the therapy takes over.

In some cases however, it is problematic because the use of the machine may stir up the blood and the immune system to such a degree that it can become difficult or impossible to get accurate indications from conventional testing. When testing is essential, precautionary measures may be taken to help reduce the confusion this can cause.

Many drug therapies actually work better, and with fewer side effects, when used with frequency therapy.

Not all drug therapies should be eliminated.

The most obvious, and the most common drugs to be eliminated by the machine are antibiotics. In most cases the machine is far superior in every way. This fact does not mean that antibiotics are of no use, and in some cases it may even be the best choice when used in conjunction with frequency therapy.

When the symptoms of a disease are prominent, profound, anomalous or morbid, it is easy for the user to tell if it is working; and as they make progress, drugs are reduced or eliminated as the problem goes away. But when the symptoms are ambiguous or undetectable by the user, the elimination of a drug therapy should be well considered, carefully studied and/or supervised if possible.

In the final analysis, it is of considerable value to have a device that can eliminate the need to use most drugs. The broader view suggests that drug prices would be reduced in an open market. Doctor and hospital loads would be reduced, insurance would become cheaper and better, children and infants would become much more resistant to infection, and the spread of all contagion would be cut by a significant percentage. Take a moment to read some of the Rife machine reviews over at the right.

Preventative Maintenance

Find out how to protect yourself from pathogens past, present, and future with the Rife machine of choice by those “in the know”.  Because we have been manufacturing devices since the 1980s, we have a wide variety of Rife machine reviews we can share with potential users.

Do you have concerns about opportunistic infections for which we are routinely encouraged to take vaccines? Many are learning a safer, non-intrusive approach to protecting against these ailments. Not only does the Rife machine de-vitalize pathogens (parasites, fungi, bacteria, and viruses), it strengthens the body’s natural immune response. Most regular users report that they no longer get colds or flu. And they seem to be more resistant to even the most exotic of infections.

Because the machine helps the natural function of the cell, detoxification is another benefit which serves to make the end-user stronger and more resilient. A natural consequence of adding frequency to the body is the improvement of circulation – both cardiovascular and lymphatic. This benefit alone can improve other functions in the body. As one ages and becomes less active, these issues become more important.

People of all ages benefit from short sessions applied routinely in order to maintain their state of good health. It’s as basic as soap and water. It will one day be recognized as a natural and effective hygienic routine.

Treat Injuries

Many people are using JWLABS Model A to hasten the healing of injuries and surgical procedures.

For decades users have reported impressive recoveries from compound fractures, diabetic ulcers, surgical procedures and many other types of injury, including some “incurable” problems like Gangrene.

Remember, the benefits of frequency therapy are multi-fold. The natural healing capacity of your body is enhanced by using the machine.

For some users pain relief is a benefit as well, depending on the type and severity of the injury.

Increased circulation in the area speeds recovery as much as 100%.

Rife Machine Reviews - Pet Treatments

Although most types of Rife technology are allowed for veterinary use, there are virtually no veterinaries who have training and experience. Most are unaware of electro-medicine in general, and have never heard of Royal Rife.

Most frequency instrument users will need to apply the therapy themselves, without the help of a trained professional.

Rife Machine ReviewsRecent Rife machine reviews of Model A users working with their pets include:

  • A lady in Texas who uses it routinely on horses, goats, even cats.
  • A woman in Michigan is thrilled with results she is seeing with horses and dogs.
  • A fellow in New York has made great progress in just a few sessions with a friend’s dog who was going into organ failure.

Treatment of animals is an advanced skill. Most animals will easily accept the therapy. To begin sessions with your beloved pet, first, place the electrodes in the palms of your hands. Lay your hands on the animal. You will feel the energy as will your pet. Especially good if you can hold their paws. Pets usually respond promptly, so sessions need not be long. For more Rife testimonials involving pets, please see this link.

Rife Machine Frequency

Rife Machine Reviews and Testimonials

“I had never heard of the Rife Machine until a friend of ours bought one to treat his prostrate cancer. I have really noticed a difference in the way I feel. My Fibromyalgia and Raynaud’s (circulation) were the 2 diseases that bothered me the most, especially in the winter. This winter, so far, has been a breeze compared to other winters due to my being able to use my machine regularly. I did have one bad spell with one of my toes a couple of weeks ago, it got frostbit pretty bad. Within 2 treatments in the salt baths, with the machine, it was entirely healed. Usually it would take several weeks for them to heal with a lot of medication.

I want to thank John and Cherry for all the help they have been too. They are there whenever I have called and they have had some good advice and tips to help me. Maybe I will never be healed, but the model A machine has been a lifesaver to me. Who knows what would have happened to my system with all the medication I was on. I feel that I am in control of my life again. I will tell anyone who wants to listen about the machine and my experience. I am anxious to see what my doctors say when I go back for my 6 month visit and blood work.”

Name Withheld

“Best machine made-whatever the cost! I had arthritis on both hands with 30% grip strength in 2004. Rife by JWLABS solved the problem in 2 months and I have been fine since.”

Steve C. — Rhode Island

“I broke two metatarsals which are the long bone in the foot.They were complete breaks and the bone separated and moved over an 1/8 of an inch. I used the model A 3 times and went back to the Dr., 8 days later he could not see where the bone was broken it had completely rebuilt the structure of the bone in just 8 days.

Thank you very much for such a fantastic piece of equipment.”

J.H. — Nevada

“Thought you’d like to know that I have completely gotten rid of my Asthma condition using my A4 machine. I used the Asthma setting on track 3 every day either morning or night for 17 mins 5 days a week and noticed no more coughing, wheezing, no more nasal spray and no more Nebulizer. I used the A4 for 3 weeks; June 2017 will be my 5th month free of Asthma. I had Asthma for 30 years.

Lucius C - May 2017

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Rife Machine Reviews

The User Experience

JWLABS produces Rife frequency instruments which are straightforward and user friendly.

Employing modern electrode patches, the user will typically apply them to the palms and/or the feet for systemic (full body) sessions. The nerves and the blood are the most conductive tissue, and they direct the electron flow throughout the body. The user will feel the sensation primarily at the points of contact and adjusts the intensity of the signal according to comfort level.

Customer support specialists support the user in learning how and when to modify protocols to optimize the benefits. Safety is key, so customers are advised to proceed conservatively until it’s apparent that the detox effect and the microbial die-off are not overwhelming the system.

Some indications of over treatment include unusual fatigue, headache, changes in elimination, and/or exacerbation of already existing symptoms. The point is to utilize Rife therapy in a way that minimizes these effects. Each case is different; each person’s needs are unique, so we encourage our customers to check in with us weekly until they find their rhythm.

Typical User Profile

The average user has one or more problems that have either not responded to conventional treatments, or have not been adequately diagnosed by physicians. These are also often the folks who aggressively or proactively pursue solutions to their unique problems and are prepared to take charge, rather than leave it to fate.

Increasingly, people are finding us who are not ill. They are ahead of the curve, in the sense that they recognize the limitations of conventional medicine before their health is significantly compromised. Once it’s understood that supplementing with frequency therapy is fundamental to maintaining good health, it becomes apparent that this device is an invaluable asset for long-term use.

This leads us to another group of folks. Many are setting aside food and other resources for the eventuality of economic and sociological breakdown. Called “survivalists” by some, these people are convinced of the wisdom of including Model A in their preparations.