The Controversy

From 1950, Rife had a close associate by the name of John Crane. Crane built instruments for Rife and was partnered with him until his death. After which, Crane attempted in earnest to build modern Rife instruments and to debunk some of the wild speculation about the circumstances of Rife’s demise.

Crane produced the first full-function, transistorized frequency instruments, and the first to be digitally controlled. But Crane did not perform adequate tests. He assumed that transistors would be better, and that digital would be more accurate. He was wrong. Crane’s attempts were failures, producing only about 20 percent of the effects expected. Many charlatans copied Crane, and for this reason, accused Crane of lying about the frequencies used in the therapy.

The few makers who stubbornly remained (Bob Beck, Don Tunney, and a handful of others) were making feeble machines, barely able to function at all. Furthermore, persecution of users by federal authorities (in plain violation of the US Constitution) was rampant.

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