Model A Rife Machine – It’s a Family Affair

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Joseph B., New York, April, 2013

I have had a number of successful uses of the Model A Rife machine on members of my family.

My wife has encroaching arthritis in the joints of her fingers. Her joints are slowly becoming painful and over time have been getting larger. Her hand agility has decreased and she is prone to dropping things.

I connect the Model A negative pad to her palm with a conventional sticky pad, and the positive terminal goes to a rubber pad with conductive gel which she wraps around the offending joint. I have been running the Metal Detox disc, track 1 or 2 for a half an hour. So the pathway of the current is very short, only through the hand. She controls the amount of energy to go as high as she wants to tolerate. The results have been an immediate decrease in pain, and more slowly, the swelling of the joints has reduced. Her flexibility and whole hand functioning has improved as evidenced by less dropping of objects. We think this sure beats mere pain management with aspirin or questionable NSAIDS.

A year ago, my sister, late 70s, had a lot of knee pain and swelling in both knees. She could not kneel down or get things off the floor. Walking involved some pain, and long walks were out of the question. I used the same program for her as for my wife and put a sticky pad on either side of her knee. First one knee, then the other for 1/2 hour each. We did three sessions a week for about three weeks and all symptoms have disappeared and not recurred.

About a year and a half ago, my nephew, mid 50s, had severe infections around the finger nails and whatever treatments the doctor was trying were not working very well. I did several sessions with the same setup as for my wife’s arthritis, and the inflamed infections cleared up very quickly. He could not believe how quickly the infections just seemed to dry up.

The same nephew came to me a couple months ago. He had taken a nasty fall to his shoulder and had been diagnosed as having a cracked shoulder bone. Operating was not feasible. He had researched on the web and had read that if you apply a current that oscillates in the 1 kHz range across the break, it would be beneficial to the mending process of broken bones. So I loaned him the machine for a week. He started with General Alignment Track 2 (10 min) once a day for three days hand to hand, just to get him used to the rife energy. From then on for the next 5 days, he did track 4 (20 min) with the pads on either side of the ball joint. At his most recent check up, the doctor said that he was a full 4 weeks ahead of the original healing prognosis. After this experience together with the healed finger infections, my nephew calls the Rife machine a miracle device.

Joseph B., New York
April, 2013

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