JWLABS Marks Our 30th Anniversary in the Rife Machine Industry!

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We are proud of our long history in the Rife machine industry.  It began in 1986 when John Wright and his small team of engineers were approached by friends and colleagues of Royal Raymond Rife.  This encounter set John on a path which would forever shape his life.   John and his team had developed numerous inventions in other industries, and they were looking for a new project.

They were skeptical, but intrigued.  They had considered the pursuit of Rife technology, but were wary of the challenges given the way Royal Rife and others who were on the path to alternative health care solutions had been treated.  During months of research, including an information exchange with the DOD, John established the validity of the technology as well as the parameters for effective devices.  (The government shared technical information confirming and elaborating on the effects on the human system of delivering current at frequency. http://jwlabs.com/rife-technology-2/skeptical/pentagon/ ).

A miniature Model A was the first prototype completed. John’s concept was far and away more advanced than the current manufacturing technology, but he always knew he would return to this design and advance it.  The few that he produced were so enthusiastically received that he could not retrieve them from the customers when it came time to upgrade the model.

Early JWLABS Rife machine

Early JWLABS Rife machine – Model B2

Model B is the instrument which went into full scale production in 1987. Very close to the original style Rife frequency instrument, it contained two vacuum tubes and was fully manual. Much advanced from the old machines which were patented well before Rife’s time, JWLABS Model B Rife machines went through several renditions and provided the cornerstone of the company until 2004.

John writes:

“Looking at the history of Rife technology and electro-medicine from my perspective, it is evident that techniques and the empirical knowledge in this field have always been slightly ahead of the hardware and what is technically feasible.”


“After nearly 20 years, I finally arrived at a blend of technique and accessories which allowed the user to concentrate on the therapy rather than on operating the machine.”


“In our early days, our machines were completely manually operated. A level of sophistication in frequency tuning was necessary in order to derive maximum or optimal results.”


“Eventually we were able to arrive at reliable applications by listening and observing as users reported their successes or failures. In 2002-2003 we recorded [over 320] applications, all based on methods which were reported as effective.”


JWLABS Rife machine Model B-16

JWLABS Rife machine Model B-16

JWLABS Model B-27v5

JWLABS Model B-27v5

JWLABS Model B27 version 4 - analog Rife machine

JWLABS Model B27 version 7
Our final vacuum tube Rife machine in 2003

JWLABS Model B-27v6

JWLABS Model B-27v

JWLABS Tactio Model A3 1999

Tactio Model A3 1999


“Since 2004 we have been using these recorded applications, greatly improving the ease and confidence our customers enjoy as Model A users.”

JWLABS Model A3 2004

JWLABS Model A3 2004

And our Model A line of Rife machines just got better!

With pride, we launch the next generation of Model A Rife machines.


Click image to view Model A4 specifications.

JWLABS Model A4-Full

Click image to compare Model A4 with other current products.

Our Model A4 is now in stock.

The first and ONLY touch screen Rife machine.

Call us today!


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One Comment

  • Norman Thomas says:

    I thought I would write to you after my first week of using the new Model A4. As a user of the JWLABS Model A3 for about 10 years, I am enjoying all that the new Model A4 offers, particularly:
    • rechargeable lithium ion battery power
    • convenience of having the complete library of all 300 plus JWLABS routines in memory (not having to load a separate CD for a different routine)
    • the touch screen has performed flawlessly for me
    • Model A4 technology is wrapped up in a user friendly, attractive and robust unit.

    These new features enable me to us the A4 in places I would not otherwise have been able to conveniently use the A3.

    I am looking forward to continued lifetime warrantied service and support of effective JWLABS Rife technology.

    Norman Thomas
    London, Ontario, Canada

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