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Carl Lazarotto, Quantum Terapias Naturais, Brazil

A long-time JWLABS customer uses our Model A3 successfully in his practice.

My name is Carl Lazarotto, and I am a naturopath and homeopath from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, now for the last two years setting up a naturopathic clinic in Brazil, near Sao Paulo.

I have been using the Model A3 from JWLabs for the last 8 years, primarily with cancer patients, but have actually used it with most people I treat with chronic degenerative diseases–Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, scleroderma, MS, ALS, etc. Anybody with an organism loaded with pathogens (small and large) and toxins has been a good candidate for several sessions on the Rife machine.

I have used the JWLabs Model A3 as part of a larger protocol using other components such as homeopathy, herbal therapies, transdermal therapy (simultaneous to the Model A sessions), orthomolecular therapies, nutritional programs, etc. The Rife frequency program, however, has been very, very central as a main therapeutic tool to rid the sick person from the primary causing factors of chronic degenerative and neurodegenerative diseases. And I have seen a great amount of improvement in the health of these people, sometimes borderlining the ‘miraculous’.

Some of the people treated in years past, which were given very little hope by the traditional approaches and would have been (probably) long gone from this planet, are still living normally and thriving, mainly because of the effectiveness of these tools, particularly the Model A Rife device from JWLABS.


Carl Lazarotto, Quantum Terapias Naturais, Brazil

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  • Katie Kunch says:

    Can the Rife machine kill Herpes (HSV-1)
    I’m reading many websites that are claiming a link to HSV-1 and dementia. I’m 41 and I’ve had HSV-1 since i was a child. I have a Rife machine but need info on how to use it and how to fight HSV-1 at what frequencies.

    • cherry says:

      Katie, It’s true that latent viruses contribute to the development of other maladies later in life. I am sorry that we cannot coach you in the proper use of machines produced by other manufacturers. I suggest that you contact the manufacturer or distributor of your rife machine to ensure that you proceed safely and effectively.

  • Bonnie McConnell says:

    Can you tell me if the Model A3 electromedicine device, uses a carrier wave?

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