How Rife Machines Work

How Rife machines work is sometimes a common question when first learning about the benefits and technology of these devices. The most often reported effect of electro-stimulus is an increase in energy. This is partly explained in the literature as being the result of ATP synthesis. A known process that occurs in the muscular tissues. The long term effect is increased strength, bone, tendon and muscle growth.

Rife MachineBut there are a vast number of tissue types in the body, and by stimulating them all, even slightly, seems to produce a reliable turn around for a great many people.

Other noted effects include a variety of bio-active electromotive forces. The endergonic reactions brought about by frequency and polarity seem to result in microbial electrocution and detoxification. These may also include many better known effects, such as diathermy, electrolysis, nerve adaptation and electro-poration to a much lesser degree.

From the user perspective, it is most commonly involving a maintenance routine established over time. An application that has been customized specifically as appropriate for the individuals use. This may be as little as 5 minutes a few times a week. Depending on the users goals and expectations, sessions may be much longer, and may be used in a very general way, or in very specific ways, as required.

A large library of recorded sessions that have been successful in the past, optimizes the users chance of success. A true understanding of the therapy brings the insights of realistic expectations. An understanding of the true nature of any given health problem, will give rise to logical methods of application. There is a very high percentage of success by users who are systematic and reasonably intrepid.

“I would like to say that the JWLABS Model A has become a part of my life over the last two years that I have owned it.It is a relaxing and therapuetic part of my weekly schedule. I feel that using this therapy adds energy to my body, both mentally and physically. When I am consistent in using this therapy, I find that my overall health is much better than my peers at work and any family members that are not using it also. In addition, I have no physical problems at the age of 47, and I attribute the use of the model A to part of that success.

Some examples of the way that I feel the Model A helps me:

I have no arthritis or joint pain even though I run 3 or 4 times a week, I can still read a menu! I do not use eyeglasses or contacts and have not had lasik surgery I rarely get a cold and if I do it goes away very quickly. I never visit a medical doctor and I take no prescription meds.

My overall impression is that this is very beneficial to the human body.

Keep up the good work in bringing innovative products to us.

Thanks again.”

D.B. — Florida

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Reasonable Expectations for Rife Therapy

View our testimonials and success stories to discover how people have:

  • reduced and/or eliminated their medications
  • healed more quickly from injuries and surgical procedures
  • become resistant to illnesses often addressed by vaccines

Part of answering the question about how Rife machines work involves sharing the dramatic successes. But it’s equally gratifying that our Model A Rife machines improve the quality of life for so many folks who have embraced this technology as a routine part of their daily or weekly hygiene.

People are discovering that regular sessions on their Model A Rife machines are an important aspect of their health hygiene. In short, it’s as basic as soap and water.

Some people notice improvements very quickly. Others feel worse before they get better. Still others report that they notice over time that certain ailments have diminished. Individual results vary, and our end-users understand that this is an experimental device.

Dedicated to preventing illness and optimizing their health and well-being, these are the people who are paving the way for future generations who will take for granted the safe and routine application of frequency for their optimum well-being.

There are numerous good reasons to use the Rife machine routinely as part of your health maintenance regimen. The machine may be used to good effect by even the novice user, and tends to eliminate most common problems more or less permanently. There are at least 350 specific problems that seem to be well established, and of those about 70 issues are considered popular. Our customer support may make the difference in your success, so we encourage you to utilize us.

Royal Rife Transducer Technology

Certain aspects of the origin of Rife technology have been forgotten, even obscured, over time.

As stewards of Rife technology, we endeavor to clarify the history and provide straightforward information of the basic effects of Rife therapy.

Experiments in electro-medicine have a very long history. In the U.S., there was an electro-medicine society established some time in the 1800s.

Transducers were patented in the U.S. in the 1890s

These were boxes with electrode wires connecting to the user. Typically, the patient held metal cylinders which were attached to the wires. This method of application is still used by some today. Practitioners who employed these devices could not explain their patients’ improvement. Not cognizant of the basic effects of applying current to the body, they were outside the mainstream and considered quacks.

It’s significant that these devices employed vacuum tubes inside the box itself. Royal Rife could not have known the significance of these vacuum tubes, as he had nothing with which to compare. His associates who approached Wright Laboratories in 1986 had it figured out. They understood that the vacuum tubes conditioned the output signal such that it was more robust, more harmonic. This is called analog output. They were certain that this was significant to Rife’s results.

They insisted we build for them the original style vacuum tube-based instrument, and with good reason. (Musicians understand the advantage of vacuum tube-based amplifiers; the sound experience is more richly textured and more nuanced. Audiophiles insist it’s as close as you can get to the experience of live music.)

Though there is controversy about what Royal Rife actually used in his therapy, for the purpose of this discussion we will address only the direct contact device. (You can learn more  on the History of the Rife machine page.)

When we employ the transducer (direct contact) device, we are delivering an electron force to the body.

Certain modern researchers declare that we’re “increasing the voltage of the body”. This is true, but it’s only part of the picture. The electron flow is deadly to microbes like parasites, bacteria and fungi. Viruses, and even smaller pathogens such as mycoplasma, are extremely vulnerable. A simple way to explain this is that we are taking advantage of the extraordinary difference in size, strength and resiliency of the cell structure of these tiny pathogens and the cells of your body.

Rife Machine Uses

This same electrical force that is devastating to pathogens is delivering a uniquely beneficial stimulus to our own cells.

This results in an optimization of the function of our cells. With continued use, all tissues of the body are fortified. Lymphatic and blood circulation improve. This provides for more efficient detoxification and improved healing.

Enzyme catalysis and ATP production are enhanced, so many regular users report improvement in energy, sometimes even in mood. Pain relief is often a natural byproduct, partly because inflammation becomes reduced.

Improved immune function, together with reduced microbial infestation make possible recovery from what are sometimes complex diseases.

In turn, regular users maintain greater resistance to opportunistic infections like colds/flu. Staph, strep, pneumonia — all are susceptible to this powerful electron force.