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Model A4 Start-up Guide

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This evolution of Rife technology represents decades of research. JWLABS marks its 30 years in the Rife machine industry. Model A4 is cutting Edge. It brings you uncanny ease of use. It's more powerful! More portable! We take the guess work out of this complex and nuanced technology, without dumbing it down. We'll be here for you! JWLABS is renown...
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Model A3 Start-up Guide

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JWLABS'  Model A3 Rife machine Start-up Video.  Watch this to learn how to use your Model A3 Rife machine safely and effectively. JWLABS has been manufacturing fine frequency instruments since 1987. High standards and ethics have always been the main tradition at Wright Labs. It is a tradition we choose to uphold. In addition to our unparalleled customer service policies, we...
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Basic Effects of Model A Rife machines

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John Wright discusses his Model A Rife machine, and what benefits you might expect from using it. The basic effects of using this frequency instrument will fascinate you. Not only does our Rife machine de-vitalize pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites, it optimizes your cellular function. Learn why JWLABS’ Model A Rife machine is a “must-have” for those...
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