Treating Lyme Disease with Rife Technology

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Increasingly, practitioners and patients are recognizing the significant benefits of treating Lyme Disease with Rife Technology. We get an abundance of inquiries about the effects of Rife technology on Lyme Disease. In fact, we often have more active customers with Lyme disease than with cancer. It is not an over statement that Lyme is now at epidemic levels, and it’s…

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Discussion on Herpes and Rife Technology

Herpes and Rife Technology

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Herpes and Rife technology are significant adversaries. People are discovering that this technology has a lasting impact on the infectious disease, without the side effects of commonly prescribed medications. A Brief Overview: The prevalence of HSV infection worldwide has increased over the last several decades, making it a major public health concern. It's been reported that more than 50 percent...
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rife frequency application therapy

The Art of Frequency Therapy

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Mastering the Art of Frequency Therapy is attainable to dedicated users of our Model A Rife machines. We call it the Art of Frequency Therapy because that’s what it’s like when you are trying to apply current and the various frequencies to a given situation. The analogy that is most often used to explain to someone how frequencies work on...
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Rife technology myth and reality

Rife Technology and Fake News

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With respect to Rife technology, fake news often prevails. We strive to help you sort the facts from the fiction. Most people who seek to learn about Rife technology are intent on understanding the basics of the science. This drive is often thwarted by misinformation and hyperbole. Those of us who are seeking truth are challenged by certain cognitive dissonance,...
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Model A4 Start-up Guide

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This evolution of Rife technology represents decades of research. JWLABS marks its 30 years in the Rife machine industry. Model A4 is cutting Edge. It brings you uncanny ease of use. It's more powerful! More portable! We take the guess work out of this complex and nuanced technology, without dumbing it down. We'll be here for you! JWLABS is renown...
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Model A3 Testimonial – A Naturopath Reports

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CLIENT TESTIMONIALCarl Lazarotto, Quantum Terapias Naturais, Brazil A long-time JWLABS customer uses our Model A3 successfully in his practice. My name is Carl Lazarotto, and I am a naturopath and homeopath from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, now for the last two years setting up a naturopathic clinic in Brazil, near Sao Paulo. I have been using the Model A3 from...
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