The Art of Frequency Therapy

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rife frequency application therapy

Mastering the Art of Frequency Therapy is attainable to dedicated users of our Model A Rife machines.

We call it the Art of Frequency Therapy because that’s what it’s like when you are trying to apply current and the various frequencies to a given situation.

The analogy that is most often used to explain to someone how frequencies work on viruses and bacteria, is to compare it to using sound to shatter a crystal goblet. Once you have found the correct vibration, that is the exact frequency at which the glass will sympathetically begin to vibrate, it will break when there is enough volume applied. But in reality, the forces that are affecting the glass are somewhat more complex than this.

Art Rife Frequency TherapyEven though there is a precise frequency for the glass, (an absolute frequency that is only correct under laboratory conditions where the environment is as perfect as can be achieved), there are many factors that can minutely change which frequency will actually cause it to break. Such things as humidity, ambient frequencies, radio and other types of frequency pollution, the dirt on the glass. What might be in the glass, such as the dregs of the last wine that was drunk from it. How the glass is situated relative to the source of the sound. Distance from the sound source. What movement there may be of the glass, and what movement of the atmosphere around the glass and between the source of the sound. All are examples of factors that will change slightly the precise frequency that makes the glass break, and what amount of volume that is required.

All of the effects of the current that is delivered through our device are not merely that of frequency. The flow of electrons is precisely controlled for a predictable amount of each of several components. The output of the instrument creates a certain amount of heat, as electrons are being exchanged within the atoms of the user. There is the component that generates a specific amount of harmonics, and there is the component of feedback. There is the polarity effect, which can become more complicated than it would first appear. There is the undesirable capacitance that develops during micro-arcing at the contact area when pads are used incorrectly, or when pads and leads need replacing.

When applying frequency to a living creature, there are many more variables that come into play than the relatively simple ones that we mentioned in the analogy of the crystal goblet. When current from the device enters the tissue it is trying to cause it to vibrate, just as in an audio speaker. As in the variations that are apparent in different speakers, there is much more difference in the vibrational forces that are set up in different tissues.

Recommended frequencies are intended as a basic guideline; they will rarely be the exact frequencies that do the job you may be trying to accomplish. There will be a considerable amount of variation when put to use in practical situations. The biggest factor that creates this variation is the condition of the tissues between the contact area (where the frequencies actually enter the body) and the intended target you want the frequencies to reach. Another major factor, especially when the target is a microbe, is the mutation of the microbe itself. And it’s a good idea to understand enough about the disease to know where most of the microbes are likely to be located in the body.

In Rife Therapy, just as in any discipline that calls on your skills and experience, wisdom and mastery, combined with consummate skill is often called an art.

In art, there are important distinctions that help to define what is art, and what is craft.

If John Lennon writes a brilliant song, it is art. The harmonica player on the street corner can play the tune; but it is not art, it is craft. Even when John Lennon plays the song himself it is not art, it is craft for the same reason.

With the advent of audio recording technology, the harmonica player can simply play a John Lennon song performed by John Lennon, and have music infinitely superior to anything he has any hope ever to produce on his own.

Our Rife Therapy recorded sessions are much the same. The user can perform the craft according to the skills of someone far more experienced than themselves, thus enjoy the benefits of the art of frequency therapy. By following the basic guidelines, and taking advantage of our personal coaching the user will be more effective than if they were solely on their own. Our Model A Rife machines provide user-friendly instruments which do not compromise the integrity of our original vacuum-based machines.

JWLABS -Model A4. Our touch screen rife machine.

JWLABS Model A4. Our touch screen Rife machine

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JWLABS – Since 1987. Our Model A line is user-friendly.


  • Dean Lavin says:

    I have been using my Model A devices for about a decade and have seen healing that can be described as miraculous. My partner was given a three month prognosis without chemo and five months with chemo. Her first and only chemo put her into shock that almost killed her. We got a JWLABS Model A as a last resort. We were told that the frequencies didn’t kill cells, including cancer cells. I understood the importance of a strong immune system. It made sense to me that by reducing pathogens , you would free up more of your immune system to fight the cancer and heal your body. She lived ten years after her death sentence. I am a believer in this therapy for now and the future. I have been treating myself and friends with the new Model A4. I am not on any pharmacy drugs. I don’t feel my age of 70. I am proactive in my health management. I have my health insurance but haven’t used it except for having a doctor pull a piece of glass out of my foot. The Model A can’t fix that. My friends think it is too good to be true and that I have some kind of mystical healing skills. What I have is a healing tool for the ages. Dean

    • cherry says:

      Dean, thank you for your remarks. It’s always been a pleasure to work with you and your loved ones. Your ongoing support and trust are invaluable, and we look forward to being a resource for you. I know that you have encountered everything from blind skepticism to confusion to those who fully embrace the technology. In case you are speaking with someone who is wary or confused, I refer you to our previous blog:

      Please stay in touch!

  • Lynne G. says:

    How do I get a Rife machine? I have recently been diagnosed with A-fib and my doctor told me 4 months ago that I would need an operation. I have decided that death is better than being cut open bc I have smoked for a long time and I have concerns about exposing my innards to the open air and possible metastasizing a few errant cells.

    Which of your machines would be better for my heart and why?

    Thank you,
    Lynne G.

    • cherry says:

      Lynn, thank you for reaching out to us. We understand your concern about metastasis. Either the Model A3 or the Model A4 would be appropriate for you. We will be glad to discuss the nature of your health concerns and how the Rife machine is likely to help you. It may be encouraging for you to know that we have numerous heart patients who have greatly benefited from Rife therapy. Please call us for further discussion at 888-891-1122.

  • chris says:

    do you work at all with the Veterans Administration in providing these modalities for real treatments?

  • maggie says:

    what is the success rate with Lyme and coinfections

    • cherry says:

      Hello Maggie. We work with many people who are dealing with Lyme, including co-infections. This is a process that, for some, may take many months to test clear. That said, many experience significant relief from symptoms within weeks. Consistency is the key. Of course, our personalized support will help you along the way. I hope you will call JWLABS for a personal conversation about your needs and your concerns. We look forward to hearing from you. 888-891-1122 (Pacific time) For success stories, go HERE:

  • Mayank Aggarwal says:

    Hi ,
    I wanted to know if rife therapy is helpful for Alzheimers patients . I know someone dear who is suffering from the disease . Also can it cure the disease completely or just slow it down . Please let me know . What machine would you suggest for the treatment , if any .
    Thank You

    • Gary A. Fowler says:

      Hi Mayank,

      I am no expert on electro-medicine, but I do not believe it would help people with brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or epilepsy. In my reading of it, electro-medicine seems to kill diseased cells and leaves healthy ones behind, like in cancer. In the case of Alzheimer’s, you want to replace diseased brain cells with healthy ones. Check this with the Rife people. I could be wrong.

      There are many herbs and foods that will kill cancer, including cannabis (marijuana). Likewise, there are also many herbs and foods that will get rid of Alzheimer’s. Coconut oil is just one. The body turns such foods into ketones rather than glucose, and ketones are brain food that will heal the brain. People have been consuming foods that produce ketones for about 100 years to clear up and heal many brain disorders. The FDA will deny every word of this.

      Patients are discouraged by the medical community from using such methods, claiming that they won’t work, but they, in fact, do work. Hospitals just don’t want to lose out on the health insurance money, which won’t cover natural healing practices. See Good luck

  • Brenda says:

    Which machine would be right for Tonsil cancer positive for hpv 16

  • Joan Nosal says:

    I have been drinking frequency water that was formulated with a specific recipe for a variety of things that were revealed in the testing. How do I know what to target if there is not a way to uncover what the frequencies need to target? For example, tape worm in my spinal column was revealed and then added to the recipe in the the frequency water. I would not have known there was a tape worm there (and other places to) I am a very healthy 60 year old and have a few minor issues like sinus infections at change of seasons, occasional UTI but I really wanted to eliminate those issues and found out I have a bunch of parasites, bacteria, etc… Two rounds of frequency water has provided me with a good feeling and maybe it is the placebo effect but I feel more rested, brighter, clearer thinking. It is summer so sinus infections will not happen anyway.
    So, how does your equipment reveal the issues, how does your equipment target the issues, how does your equipment compare to frequency water.
    Thank you

  • Joan says:

    How does this therapy compare to the use of magnets as in Electromagnetic Therapy?

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