I’m not technically oriented. Will I be able operate this machine

Inherent in our design is our commitment to ease of use, without sacrificing the integrity of our manually tune frequency sessions.

If you know how to operate your CD player, you will easily be able to use your Model A. Upon viewing the Model A start -up video, you will have the confidence to proceed & you will be up running in just a few minutes.

Once you have begun, you will appreciate how we have taken the guess work out of it for you. You will be delighted with how simple it is to use your Model A.

What is a Rife machine?

In a certain way, the term “Rife machine” is a misnomer. We say this because Dr. Rife did not invent the transducer device; this type of instrument had been in use a long time before he was born. In fact, a transducer instrument was patented in the 1890s – long before we had heard of Dr. Rife and his frequency theory.

Pioneered by Dr. Albert Abrams and others, transducers were employed by practitioners who experimented with them for diagnostic and treatment purposes alike.

Abrams and others were hounded by those in the conventional medical world as “quacks”. Their realm of expertise was relegated to “medical cult” much like chiropractic, osteopathy, and naturopathy.

The technology and the techniques we now employ in what is called “Rife technology” was mostly developed by others who preceded Dr. Rife. In fact, an electro-medical society was established in the US by 1890.

Royal Rife was a microscopist (someone who makes and develops microscopes). He is correctly credited with discovering what are called Mortal Oscillatory Rates (MORs), or the frequencies which de-vitalize microbes. This function of the therapy has always been accomplished with a transducer.

The transducer is an instrument that delivers current to the body is a stimulus to the user; but at the same time, it provides a destructive force to all kinds of pathogens.

There is a school of thought that it is the “Ray Tube” (also known as a broadcast-type device) that is the true Rife machine. These instruments deliver radio frequencies rather than direct current. In a certain way this could be considered accurate, in that the transducer could not be used to treat Rife’s microscope. This is because they are too powerful.

Transducers will generally kill anything that lives on a microscope slide – at any frequency- because it requires so little current to to kill bacteria or viruses in a subject of a single drop of liquid, with no resistance at all.

In the loose language of the present day, virtually anything that delivers frequency to the body might be called a Rife type device. Although there is literally no better or more powerful way to accomplish this than the transducer, frequency delivery devices have taken many diverse forms, from color therapy to the playing of certain musical instruments.

On other pages at this site, we discuss more thoroughly the differences between broadcast and direct contact devices.

My kids are active in extreme sports. Will this help them with their injuries?

Many people are using the Model A to hasten the healing of injuries and surgical procedures. We have customers who report impressive recovery from compound fractures, diabetic ulcers, and surgical incisions. Remember, the benefits of current are multi-fold. The natural healing capacity of your body is enhanced by using the machine. For many, pain relief is a benefit as well.

I am not ill. Why would I want a machine?

There are numerous good reasons to use the Rife machine routinely as part of your health maintenance regimen. Though we cannot address them all here, we will touch on the more obvious.

Do you have concerns about opportunistic infections for which we are routinely encouraged to take vaccines? Many are learning a safer, non-intrusive approach to protecting against these ailments. Not only does the Rife machine de-vitalize pathogens (parasites, fungi, bacteria, and viruses), it strengthens the body’s natural immune response. Most regular users report that they no longer get colds or flu. And they seem to be more resistant to even the most exotic of infections.

Because the machine improves the natural pumping action of the cells, detoxification is another benefit which serves to make the end-user stronger and more resilient.
A natural consequence of adding frequency to the body is the improvement of circulation – both cardiovascular and lymphatic. This benefit alone can improve other functions in your body. As we age and become less active, the issues become more important.

People of all ages benefit from short sessions applied routinely in order to maintain their state of good health. It’s as basic as soap and water. We think it will one day be recognized as a natural and effective hygienic routine.

Is it illegal to have a machine?

No, there are no legal prohibitions against having a machine. Nor is it illegal to manufacture them. It is, however, not legal to make claims about the results the machine will produce.
Even with over two decades of experience, we are careful to qualify that individual results may vary. We can tell you what is reasonable to expect, given the facts of the history. And the gravity of the science. We can speak to what we know the machine is capable of, and we can instruct you how to use it safely. We can even teach you advanced techniques which will increase your likelihood of achieving the desired results.

We have seen a number of our most precious rights and privileges be taken from us; but as of this writing, we are still permitted to experiment with this personal home remedy device in the privacy of our own home.

You need not keep it a secret that you have a Rife machine; in fact, many of you will naturally want to share about it once you have experienced the benefits. But you must not tell others that it will cure their ailments. You must speak about it in a responsible, even a respectful way.

Can I tell my doctor I am using the device?

This is a personal decision. Some of our customers elect not to divulge that they are augmenting their conventional treatments with this home remedy. They simply choose not to confront the resistance they expect from professionals who are working in another paradigm. Others find that they can share with their doctors what they believe is hastening their recovery. Often the response is, “Whatever you are doing, keep it up.”

I’ve heard I can use the machine on my pets. Is that true?

As a matter of fact, Rife technology has been approved for veterinary use for some time now. Many of our customers are using Model A with their pets. We know a lady in Texas who uses it routinely on horses, goats, even cats. A woman in Michigan is thrilled with results she is seeing with horses and dogs. A fellow in New York has made great progress in just a few sessions with a friend’s dog who was going into organ failure.

It is heart warming to hear from these folks who are taking such loving care of their animals who depend on them for the very best.

To paint you a picture, the easiest way to begin sessions with your beloved pet is to place the electrode patches on your palms, and lay your hands on the animal. Especially good if you can hold their paws. Consult with us, and we will suggest more techniques. Your pets will likely respond promptly, so sessions need not be long. They will thank you for it!

Can I travel with the machine?

Yes! Model A is extremely portable. Measuring 6” x 4” x 2” it is embedded in a crush-proof carrying case. It operates via four AA batteries or with an AC adapter. We have truck drivers who would not be without it. We have retirees who use it in their vehicle, though not while driving. We have people who have traveled to numerous continents without being delayed by inspections at the airport.

We advise that when flying, you do not pack your Model A in baggage to be checked. Keep it with you in your carry-on bag. If asked, just explain that it is a device you use for pain relief. TENS units are now commonplace, so these instruments are generally recognized as non- threatening from the point of view of security. We were told recently that a traveler to Germany, upon having his bag inspected, had the examiner exclaim “Oh, a Rife machine, yes?!!” That’s how common they are in that country. Still, we do not recommend that you identify it as a Rife machine. To the uninitiated, or in a country with stricter rules, this may be an invitation to undue delays.

I’m not very technically oriented. Will I be able to operate this machine?

If you know how to operate your CD player, you will easily be able to use your Model A. When you call JWLABS for your personal walk-through, we will have you up and running in just a few minutes. We have taught a blind person over the phone. We have taught elderly people. We have worked with people who are on so much medication and/or with so much neurological compromise from disease that their thinking was impaired.
In short, we are accustomed to working with folks at all levels of understanding. Once you have begun, you will appreciate how we have taken the guess work out of it for you. You will be delighted with how simple it is to use your Model A.

Is this one of those devices I can go to sleep with or wear on my body during the day?

A resounding NO!

Model A is much more powerful than those devices you strap to your body and wear for hours. In fact, in order to minimize any potential ill effects from de-toxing, we advise sessions of only ten minutes a day for the first week. Individual progress will vary.
It is extremely important that these guidelines be followed, as it is possible to create distress by over-treating. Significant reactions are more likely in the beginning days, as the toxic load is likely to be higher. Please trust the wisdom of our coaching. If you are familiar with other devices, it may be even more important to pay heed to our instructions.

Model A delivers as much in five minutes as some machines do in an hour or more.
We once had a practitioner employ Model A who was experienced with other devices. He had one conversation with John Wright and never called back for further coaching. Thinking he knew all he needed to know, he proceeded to apply topical applications to a patient’s abdomen (Not a typical beginner session). He left the patches in position for too long and caused significant burning of the skin! This is a classic example of the danger in not declaring yourself a beginner!

How does this machine compare to those that use indirect contact via bulbs or glass tubes?

We address this quite fully on our other web pages, and also in our videos. It’s a very important question for those who have been doing their homework on the internet. Let’s see if we can clear up some of the rhetoric:

The “no-contact” type device is known generically as a “broadcast device”. It generates an electro-magnetic field in a bulb or tube, and beams them at you via carrier waves. These frequencies are measured in megahertz (MHZ), which represents radio frequencies.
Not only does direct current provide benefits which are not achievable by radio frequencies, we have serious concern about the safety of radio frequencies.

More is understood now than in Dr. Rife’s era about the issues around radio frequencies. For starters, we are living in an environment which is now highly charged with ambient radio frequencies, and we do not truly know the combined effects of all this frequency pollution.

To make matters worse, the band of frequencies we call “radio” or ”broadcast” includes the MICROWAVE range. About this, we do know something: Microwave frequencies kill human cells. This has been most apparent with respect to brain cells.

We have noted manufacturers of broadcast devices touting theirs as more powerful, in terms of the voltage output. Of course! What they don’t tell you is that higher frequencies require more power! You will observe this when you select the higher frequencies on your Model A. The higher the frequency range, the higher you will want to turn your power. This is a natural phenomenon.

To proclaim a device as superior because it delivers more power, with no regard for what is the safest deliverable power, is unconscionable. For further discussion of this most important issue, we encourage you to call John Wright directly.

I see that you don’t have a storefront. How do I order a machine from JWLABS?

Call us at Customer Service 888-892-1122 or 951-926-6415.

We will promptly e-mail or fax to you a contract for services. This agreement protects our ability to build and support our fine frequency instruments. It also states our warranty policy.

It’s a good idea that you have a personal relationship with your manufacturer. And it is advisable that we have the sense that you will be able to follow instructions and use the machine safely.

Machines are typically shipped within 3-4 business days of receiving your order.

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