Resources Helping People Learn the Art of Rife Technology

We strive to be an ongoing resource to those who wish to keep on learning the art and craft of Rife technology. As a private user, you increase your likelihood of achieving the desired results as you deepen your understanding and learn new techniques for application.

We will continue to develop our materials so you can delve as deeply as you wish into the subject. There are general guidelines, basic instructions, and advanced techniques – all of which may be nuanced with a given situation.

This is why we have made such a commitment to customized support.

For those who wish to study independently, we will soon have new web sites which will be available exclusively to our customers. As a member, you will have access to information that has been developed by John Wright over 25 years and is not available in the public domain.

You will also have the option of having your personal coaching calls recorded and archived, to be accessed with your secure password. Look for our announcements of our next new web sites: and

In the meantime, we will continue to place in the public domain material which seems less likely to put us at risk. Look for updates to our testimonials, our video channel, our blog. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

And remember to share our materials with folks with whom you would like to make a difference.
Join us in our efforts to help people take back their power in the realm of their health and well-being.

It is understood by users of our sites, our materials, and our Rife frequency instruments that this body of work is experimental and that no claims are made or implied. Our intention is to assist our customers in getting the most benefit from their Rife machines and to ensure that they are using them safely. Individual results may vary, given the uniqueness of each personal scenario.

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