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A leader in Rife machine technology and therapy, JWLABS for the last three decades has a long history of helping thousands of people. Those who are critically ill or who seek ways to safeguard their future health and wellness turn to our products and staff.

Faced with an entire industry of cheaper and lower quality devices who use the Dr. Rife name, you want to be confident about the device you invest in for your family. We have been building and developing these machines since 1987. Be sure to read our client Rife machine reviews page!

Rife Machine

We have helped people from all walks of life prevent colds and flu, accelerate recovery from injuries, address allergies, relieve pain, and much more.

Our goal is to make quality devices that can be still be affordable and easy for patients to use at home. The technology contained within our Rife machines maintains the integrity of the original analog signal which was significant to Dr. Royal Rife’s findings. Call us to discuss how Rife technology may help you and your loved ones.

rife machine

What Is a Rife Machine?

Virtually anything that delivers frequency to the body might be called a Rife-type device. The most efficient and most powerful way to accomplish this is via a direct contact instrument, also known as a transducer — an instrument that delivers current to the body, acting as a stimulus to the user, yet simultaneously providing a destructive force to all kinds of pathogens.

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Rife Therapy Benefits

There are many therapy benefits to using a Rife machine in lieu of traditional pharmaceutical medicine. These include the ability to heal most ailments without the use of pharmaceuticals. The most often reported effect of electro-stimulus is an increase in energy.

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Misconceptions Abound

There are many misconceptions you may have heard about Rife Machines that may be exaggerated or completely false. Research is key to understanding the technology and whether it will be good for you and your health conditions.

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Extraordinary Opposition

The opposition toward Rife technology and Rife therapy can be extremely overwhelming and may deter you from considering Rife therapy before you fully understand what it can do to provide a healthy lifestyle.

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