Special Pricing on Model A Frequency Titles

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Though our inventory is shrinking, we still have some excellent buys on our masterfully tuned frequency sessions. Take advantage of this opportunity to build your library.

Remember, the recordings are brand-new. Only the label is outdated. These comprehensive frequency sessions will serve our Model A users for many years. (1) indicates only one session left.

Call us soon to get your titles of choice!

888-891-1122 or 951-926-6415

JWLABS - Model A cds

$30 group                                                                          $45 group

 Asthma                                                                               E-Coli   (1)

 Bursitis (1)                                                                          Headache

 Cystitis                                                                                Hepatitis

 Fibromyalgia                                                                       HBP (1)

 Flukes                                                                                 Lymphoma

 Headache                                                                           Muscular Dystrophy

 Hepatitis                                                                             Tuberculosis (1)








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