Pet Treatment

Dog using a JWLABS Model A Rife Machine

Although most types of Rife technology are allowed for veterinary use, there are virtually no veterinaries who have training and experience. Most are unaware of electro-medicine in general, and have never heard of Royal Rife.

Most frequency instrument users will need to apply the therapy themselves, without the help of a trained professional.

Recent reports of Model A users working with their pets.

A lady in Texas who uses it routinely on horses, goats, even cats.
A woman in Michigan is thrilled with results she is seeing with horses and dogs.
A fellow in New York has made great progress in just a few sessions with a friend’s dog who was going into organ failure.

Treatment of animals is an advanced skill. Most animals will easily accept the therapy. To begin sessions with your beloved pet, first, place the electrodes in the palms of your hands. Lay your hands on the animal. You will feel the energy as will your pet. Especially good if you can hold their paws. Pets usually respond promptly, so sessions need not be long.

See our Success Stories for further illustration of the benefits of using the Model A Rife machine. See our blog for more pet stories.

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