Beyond Rife

By the time John Wright was inducted into this story, the Rife technique was at an all time low. John Crane had been arrested for mail fraud.

Since paranoia was common among promoters, and transactions were typically conducted in secret by operatives in parking lots from the trunk of a car, John Wright did not have access to the people who used the machines he made. There was reason to fear. Fear that users would not be successful without any customer support of any kind.

John Wright began to produce a book called THE FREQUENCY INSTRUMENT, which was a compilation of applications used by Rife and Crane for many years.

John Wright Labs also increased the power and accuracy of their instruments to such a degree that it would be very difficult for users to be unsuccessful if they used them with any regularity.

Since 1987 Wright Labs instruments have set the standard in the industry. Beginning with the fully analog manual Model B (which went through numerous revisions) and culminating with the state-of-the-art Model A, John Wright has endeavored to produce the finest quality and most affordable device.

Always supported by steadfast customer service, customers confidently experiment with Rife technology in the privacy of their homes.

Rife Today

Providing the best of analog & digital technology, Model A delivers frequencies tuned with a billionth of a hertz. With this device, we have developed a solid-state equivalent the vacuum tube-based instrument we built for many years. It’s that device from which the frequencies have been tuned for you.

For JWLABS, Model A represents a standard of excellence in the industry. To the end user, it means getting their hands back on the steering wheel with regard to their health and well-being.

One customer reports:

One of the specialists had a good look at this device, he then looked at me and looked down again at the Model A and said: This gentlemen is the future; heal thyself through electronic delivered frequencies . . . these devices have the potential.

C.E. 07/04/11

The Future

We hope that, in the future, all the scams and fraudulent Rife machine makers will be gone and Mom will be able to pick up a machine at the local grocery, on the shelf with the electric razors and curling irons.

JWLABS’ LiveWires Represents a bold move in this direction. Shrinking the Model A output circuitry to a little more than a one inch cube, LiveWires is a unique device for experimental use with our finely tuned online frequency sessions.

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