The History birth of a new world of treatment

The true history of electro-medicine begins in prehistory. The possible benefits, as an observed effect of near lightning strikes, electric eels, and static discharge, are at least as old as civilization itself.

It is a history of advances that closely parallel those of electronics. As each new discovery was made, hardware designed to deliver it in some fashion to the human body was always among the first to be developed.

There was a period when experimenters around the world were obsessed with applying electricity to humans and animals. In the late 19th century, every conceivable method of application was tried. All manner of exotic apparatus were available for treatments in home and for professionals.

A fair portion of those devices did have the potential of doing the job they were intended for. Most worked to some degree, but it was not until much later that the effects were understood.

During the 1930’s the medical industry went through a big change, during which, most electro-medical devices were shunned or disregarded. It was the worst possible time in history to present scientific evidence that it had value.

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife
JWLABS strives to clarify some of the misconceptions about the technology which often bears Rife’s name.

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