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136 Volts *1

  700+ hours

358-2hr Titles *2

  10 Trillion



Single/Multi-wave *1


Analog and Digital


(Designed and manufactured in the USA.)

Precision engineering is the hallmark of the all new Model A-3 Rife machine. Throwing off the limitations of “old school” Rife Machine thinking, our world-class electronics engineers take pride in bringing you a revolutionary instrument with the performance, elegance and reliability worthy of the TACTIO (R) label.

JWLABS Rife Equipment


Our comprehensive membership to Rifetherapy.com brings you:

Personalized customer service.
Warranty coverage that is unsurpassed in the industry.
Two year unlimited access account to our extensive library of on-line applications.*

We present to you value and performance our competitors can only dream about.

* With performance package option.

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Our Model A-3 device is constructed in the finest American-made, military grade enclosure. This provides you with the most sturdy exterior in the industry

Highly dirt and moisture resistant, this exceedingly strong, crush-proof outer portion of the Model A-3 will protect your instrument for many decades to come – in any environment.



The interior of Model A-3 reflects our straightforward, no-nonsense approach to Rife machine user interface. Power and activity lights let you know immediately the status of the power input and the signal output, with no unnecessary bells and whistles.

Simple to use battery box, input section and output sections make Model A-3 easy to understand and to operate.



Effective, Potent, More Precise.

Modern and efficient surface mount components populate the Model A-3 circuit board. Our machines are manufactured in a top quality, professional electronics assembly plant here in the USA. We have combined the superior advantages of both the extreme reliability of computer automated assembly, and the attributes of the carefully practiced talents of skilled professionals.








Power and Control:

The massive output power of the new Model-3 A is controlled by a precision, wire-wound, analog, ten-turn potentiometer. This provides the user with supremely fine amplifier attenuation, instilling a confident, intuitive feel when applying to even the most sensitive areas.

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Frequency Tuning:

Our breakthrough frequency tuning methodology employs both analog and digital technology, uniting the best of both for the most comprehensive frequency tuning in the industry by a vast margin. Expertly hand-tuned sessions are automated. We offer 358 titles based on our user successes.* Each session is recorded from our legendary Model B-27v7 vacuum-based frequency instrument. Accuracy is as high as one billionth of one Hz, and each session contains the entire range of therapeutic frequencies, specifically tuned and adjusted for every application. Target numbers, both traditional and nontraditional, are tuned to a precision unheard of in any previous Rife machine. This gives you the best chance possible for full, and unsurpassed success.

* All 358 titles of frequency sessions are available to subscribed members at www.rifetherapy.com



Take the Alternative Road to Optimal Well Being

Direct Target Application:

Direct micro-current application allows you to deliver the ideal energy to any area of concern with complete assurance that it will hit the target and make the kind of changes you desire. Direct current utilizes the most conductive tissues of the body, the nerves and blood vessels, as conduit leading to any organ or body structure. There is zero output power wasted.

Intuitive Applications:

One of the advantages of Model A-3 is that experienced users can choose their frequency range and output power by means of the sensation. The way it feels says everything about how and where the energy goes to work. The body does not lie. But even the most novice user can always easily tell if they are getting enough or too much power, purely by the way the energy feels. It is simple and effortless to adjust the power up or down to satisfy your comfort level, from moment to moment during any session.*

* Frequency and power are not the same thing. Model A-3 provides fine tuning on the output via a ten-turn amplitude dial. Frequency ranges are selected via tracks on our proprietary recorded sessions.

Professional start-up videos and DVDs.

JWLABS provides extensive information covering a vast array of related subjects on-line, as well as simple to follow start-up and explanatory videos you can watch any time you need a refresher course in the basic use of your Model A-3. An instructional start-up video is included with each machine, and the video is also available for viewing in English Version HERE and the Spanish Version Here.


Free unlimited active personal support & progress management.

Support for your machine is always as close as your telephone. Simply call any JWLABS toll-free support line, and we will be there to help you at any stage of your progress. Weekly support is suggested for new users, and daily support is recommended for critical cases. Long term support for users is routine as well. This is helpful for those who have mastered the technique, but need confirmation about a new application or updated information.


*Please note that we are on Pacific time.

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Precision breeds confidence and peace of mind.

Trust the Machine

The new Model A-3 Tactio device has been re-engineered to serve the user. Superior components and ingenious technology coalesce to create a precision instrument that reacts perfectly to every human input. It does exactly what you tell it to. The user unites with the machine and no one walks away unchanged.

Model A-3 Tactio Rife Machine

Model A-3 Tactio Rife Machines

Confident personal home therapy

With precision recorded sessions comes masterful personal therapy. Micro-adjusted frequency tuning eliminates skip-over; and fully automated sessions take away any doubt that the target has been covered thoroughly many times in a matter of minutes. The application library consists of sessions that are based on the successes of our own users, with our own machines.
This means that we are not pointing to the success of others, and claiming to do what they have done without knowing that it is so. Model A-3 was developed over many years and involved many thousands of JWLABS users to finally arrive at the optimum machine performance. Performance that easily fulfills the needs of any user regardless, of their state of health.

Incredible versatility:

Model A-3 is perfect for use with our on-line Rife Session Library at rifetherapy.com. It can be used with your tablet or notebook for maximum portability. Also with a personal CD player, a TV, or anything that plays a CD, or has on-line internet access.

The unit comes with a universal power adapter, so you can easily plug it into the wall in any country of the world. Model A-3 can be battery powered; simply insert 4 double A. (AA) batteries. Or, you can use the optional USB cable and power the instrument with any powered USB port.

Multi-Device Support


Tactio® Feature Exclusive:


Model A-3’s trademark TACTIO® feature allows you to use it as a media adapter. Simply use music instead of a session recording and Model A-3 will instantaneously convert ANY audio signal into a therapeutic output. You can even use it at parties or concerts. It’s music therapy! Introduce folks to the therapy without any medical implications whatsoever. It’s music that you can feel! It’s purely entertainment!

Nearly 30 years of history:

A legend of trust, a culture of commitment.


The JWLABS Rife machine is a trusted therapy in most countries of the world, and has been used by politicians, billionaires, movie stars, sports icons, top scientists, doctors and clinicians worldwide since 1987. These people rely on the nearly infinitely variable session parameters we provide, using the huge numbers of possible session routines available. In terms of durable reliability, the dynamics of Model A-3, with its great variability and portable versatility is unsurpassed.

Its applications are easily and effortlessly customized to accommodate any applicable need in any situation. This means that the private user can employ Model A-3 in the privacy of their home with confidence and effectiveness, just as clinicians and practitioners can integrate the machine with their skill set.

We enjoy endorsements and enthusiasm from private users and health practitioners worldwide!


Power & Performance

LiveWires Performance Package A-3.4

Innovations in power & performance take JWLABS Model A-3 to the next level.

The Enhanced Performance Package

Model A-3 versatility can be further enhanced with the performance package which includes the JWLiveWires option. This accessory provides two additional electrodes, for a total of six (6).

Simply plug your LiveWires into Model A-3 to extend its power by up to 100%. You now have a staggering 136 volts of total output power.

The LiveWires Option

With the LiveWires option, not only can you easily add two more electrodes to your personal therapy, you can add another person during any session. LiveWire has its own amplitude control and separate input. This also means that you can use Model A-3 as a multiple wave frequency device.

The A model from JWLabs completely turned my life around.

D. D.

Best machine made-whatever the cost! I had arthritis on both hands with 30% grip strength in 2004. Rife by jwlabs solved the problem in 2 months and I have been fine since.

Steve C.

I love using the Model A-3. The Model A-3 is so easy to use, just push the play button and off we go.

Susan G.

I have been using the JWLABS Rife machines for at least 8 years now. Mostly as a preventative measure against colds and flu, and I have been thrilled with the results.

J. G.

We‘re doing just great with our JWLABS Model A-3 machines. We just love them!

B. & D. P.


It is well established that using Model A-3 fairly routinely has prophylactic benefits. Expertly tuned direct current applications optimize the function of a suppressed immune system such that the user becomes more resistant to opportunistic infection.


Contagious disease is no longer an issue. With regular use of Model A-3, your system is super-charged to resist infection. It is reasonable to expect that, upon exposure to contagious infections, you will not contract the disease. Or that you will have only a mild case.


With Model A-3 you can intervene in a health crisis, for yourself and others. Use your machine to encourage healing of sprains, breaks, surgical procedures, and other injuries. Prepare to be surprised by your accelerated recovery!

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*1 Available with Performance Package.
*2 All 358 titles of frequency sessions are available to subscribed members at www.rifetherapy.com
* These statements are not to be construed as claims, but are based on observable results and the basic science of the technology.
* All customers agree to terms of use.