Rife Machines Compared: What’s the Difference?

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I’m guessing the most common question new potential customers ask me is. “What’s the difference between JWLABS Model Rife machines and others”. It’s a question that always perks my ears. I always listen very carefully to the way the person responds to my answer. I always tell them the same thing. I explain that there are technically only 3 basic…

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The pH Argument

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I suppose it will continue to be a bone of contention. But the truth about pH, how it works and how it is controlled, shouldn’t ever be the argument it has become. I learned about pH from learning fish keeping. The principals are identical. By and large, the proper pH balance is what keeps the fish from getting diseases.  From…

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An Important Truth

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It is terrible that any group or organization is allowed by law to prey on the population in any sense. The very idea of it is contradictory to the basic tenets of public service. It does not depend on any particular inclination, as it has become institutionalized through a widely perverted academic system of science and history. I first became…

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JWLABS – Advancing Rife Technology

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Definition In the beginning, we were concerned with the problem of sorting out the truth about Rife technology before we could begin engineering. There are three basic electromagnetic means available for the transference of energy to the body for the purpose of delivering and controlling a variety of frequency potentials. Presumably, all three are capable of a certain amount of…

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John Wright – A Word About the Developing Technology

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The results Dr. Rife obtained with his devices were, and still are legendary. However, the need for further development of the scientific theory was not at an end merely because he had successes. A theory is a working model that allows us to achieve a high degree of predictability. Theory is based on fact; it is distinct from an hypothesis….

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Rife’s Moon Rocket – John Wright Remarks on Wikipedia’s Listing for Royal Rife

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I have looked at the entry for Royal Rife on Wikipedia because it comes up right next to my Rife machine dot com in the native listings of a Google search. I consider it to be a very disappointing performance from Wikipedia. Certainly they can do better than that. They have allowed it to become a thinly disguised attack on…

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JWLABS’ Model A – Not Just Another UFO

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It’s so difficult to be forced to wade through the details of any technology, especially new technology, when you are ill. In that case your search for information is generally motivated by an underlying, but severe frustration. A frustration that comes from trying to grapple with the realization that there is seemingly no help, no easy solution, no clear path,…

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