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An Important Truth

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It is terrible that any group or organization is allowed by law to prey on the population in any sense. The very idea of it is contradictory to the basic tenets of public service. It does not depend on any particular inclination, as it has become institutionalized through a widely perverted academic system of science and history.

I first became aware of it as I tried to sort out the discrepancies in nuclear theory, where the declarations did not support the observations. In the last 20 years I have become aware that I am not alone in this argument, and I am very much gratified to find that others have done some of the supportive work already.

Physics is not for everyone. But it was, for me, an unavoidable research project. An extra excursion that I had to carry out with no expectation of reward or audience. I did come away with enough confirmation to help solidify my mind-set. The results of that research are fascinating, but quite a challenge to express.

What it amounts to, in management terms, is that one set of false ideas has deliberately been inserted and has been made to completely eclipse the important truths to be found there.

Here’s an example: Rife technology. The basis of which is the idea that virtually all infectious disease is an invasion and proliferation of a parasitic microbe of one kind or another, from pin worms to virus. These and/or the effects of these can be removed from the body readily by means of electrocution. In essence an electromagnetic charge, or current, is applied to the body at a level that is at the same time a stimulus to your body, but a deadly force to the entire spectrum of biological disease pathogens. The effects are made all the more potent by tuning to precise resonant frequencies.

It is, as one might expect, a very reliable method that began even before Rife’s time. The technology, though not well understood before Dr. Rife, has been in use for well over 100 years. In that time, considerable knowledge has been accumulated. Millions of people with cancer have used this technology successfully over decades. In the US, and in virtually every country in the world.

It is often used with the idea that the cancer is an infection. Toxins of various types associated with cancer do not cause the disease, but make the tissues of the body more susceptible to the infectious components of cancer already present in every person.

By removing the infection, the problem goes away.

Unfortunately, in conventional medicine there is a vastly different take on cancer. One that is very expensive, very complicated, very dangerous to treat and to test. And with very limited success. As low as 2 percent on average.

The basic device I make is simple, safe, and reliable. Results observed over nearly 30 years seem to indicate that indeed, there is really no such thing as cancer, or cancer cells. There is only infection. Cells that are affected or changed by the infection are not destroyed, but are replaced or returned to normal.

There’s really no such thing as a benign tumor. All such structures are potentially lethal and should be removed surgically, whenever possible, as soon as they are detected. (I will discuss this in further depth in another article.)

There is no such thing as metastasis. The viral component is usually what carries the infection to other places in the body, and the fungus and bacteria follow. Obviously, human cells are far too specialized to migrate from one type of tissue to another. But the virus can carry this out easily. Creating new and identifiable cells elsewhere.

There is no such thing as autoimmune disease. There are immune responses, some of which are not well understood. Nevertheless, by removing the offending pathogen the condition clears.

A similar mismatch of observable facts as opposed to the conventional view, is evident in the conventional approach to allergies. In Rife theory, an allergy is caused by systemic fungal infection.

Remove the cause, and the problem goes away. Although it’s true that the damage caused by many years of infection may not always be reversible  (thus limiting the degree of cure we might be able to expect), the results are consistent. And positive changes come about rather quickly in almost every case.

JWLABS – Advancing Rife Technology

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In the beginning, we were concerned with the problem of sorting out the truth about Rife technology before we could begin engineering.

There are three basic electromagnetic means available for the transference of energy to the body for the purpose of delivering and controlling a variety of frequency potentials. Presumably, all three are capable of a certain amount of induced reaction in the user, or subject.

Radio energy, electron energy, and magnetic energy.

The examples of devices Rife had used in his experiments that I was aware of at that time, did not include the magnetic therapy.

There were engineering reasons behind why we chose not to attempt magnetism, but we did research it. We found the method had a long history in alternative health, and we met with clinicians who had experimented with it for decades on thousands of cases. Later we openly and publicly speculated on the possible ways a custom built, (or purpose-built) device using only magnetism for performing Rife therapy, might be designed and we found it marginally viable.

We were not the first to do this. A flurry of experiments and new designs emerged promptly afterward; and approved products of this kind began to appear on the market within 2 years. As predicted, these devices were effective. But even today, they do not entirely fulfill the expectations of the average Rife machine user.

This leaves only Radio and Electron energies.

Rife had employed both in his basic hardware. This consisted of a frequency instrument and a microscope. The microscope was used to observe and to confirm the effects of the Frequency instrument. The instrument of choice was actually just a function generator. The Electrodes (being the rods and plates)  and the Ray Tube (charged gas in a modified X-Ray tube) were each modes of application, or “applicators”. The Tube was for treating the microscope, and the electrodes were for treating the subject. The hardware definition for a Rife Machine is established, as Royal Rife himself used ordinary function generators as therapy devices.

In years past, some makers of Rife therapy devices were literally using unmodified function generators, with nothing more than a label change. This is still done today, although the function generator is often repackaged to give it a purpose-built look. (Rife Digital type devices.)


JWLABS model machines are purpose-built throughout. We researched and tested the therapy beginning with a proven circuit theory that only contained the components necessary for this kind of electro-stimulus. Only the therapy parameters for the signal are necessary; all the other signals that a typical function generator, or signal generator, can make have no appreciable therapeutic value. (Wave forms, and range of frequency.) Also, the tuning characteristics and the controls of a function generator are quite inadequate for therapeutic applications, as they are not made for the purpose.

We have been developing purpose-built Rife Machines, or electro-therapy devices for decades. The design of JWLABS Model devices is intended to appeal to users not interested in learning any more about the technology than they require.

Many JWLABS customers have very specific, or very critical needs, and very little time or money left to deal with them. This means simpler, more cost effective, and more automated devices are the primary issues of the apparent public demand. Thus, our introduction of LifeWires.

JWLABS recorded frequency sessions are a form of music. They are hand-tuned and played with skill, much like any musical instrument is played and the music recorded. The needs of the user are anticipated in the contents of the recording, or score, and the full effects of the therapy can be realized with little or no education required. Safety is the only concern.

John Wright – A Word About the Developing Technology

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The results Dr. Rife obtained with his devices were, and still are legendary. However, the need for further development of the scientific theory was not at an end merely because he had successes. A theory is a working model that allows us to achieve a high degree of predictability. Theory is based on fact; it is distinct from an hypothesis.

Originally, in Rife’s first attempts to build therapy devices, he thought he could achieve all the results necessary with only five frequencies and with an output of only 11 volts.

As time went on, he encountered cases that showed results that were inconsistent with his original idea. Like any true researcher, he modified his methods to reflect the observable phenomena/deviations.

At the end, Rife had a reasonable approximation of the reality, but in the forty years since his death, a great deal of new information has come to light. And, no doubt, a great deal more information will be discovered in the years to come.

One of the ways this will happen, is by researchers who step out of the box, and try new and different things, to be proven or dis-proven. Obviously Rife was wrong about the five frequency hypothesis, and it demonstrates that his results were achieved for reasons he had not yet discovered.

Maybe there will be value discovered in the application of multiple [simultaneous] frequencies, and maybe not. As it stands today, there is no demonstrable value to using more than one frequency signal at any given moment of the therapy.   

Rife’s Moon Rocket – John Wright Remarks on Wikipedia’s Listing for Royal Rife

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I have looked at the entry for Royal Rife on Wikipedia because it comes up right next to my Rife machine dot com in the native listings of a Google search.

I consider it to be a very disappointing performance from Wikipedia. Certainly they can do better than that. They have allowed it to become a thinly disguised attack on everything Rife-related. Behind the mask of calling it a biography.

For those of you who have already experienced the truth about this technology, I don’t need to explain how unjust their entry appears. It’s insultingly misguided.

Right off the bat, they fail to mention that Dr. Rife was the foremost microscopist in the world. Probably the greatest who ever lived. His achievements were not equaled for many years after his passing.

The devices that came after Rife have absolutely nothing to do with his biography. The significant changes he made during his life were primarily pertaining to his microscopes and his observations with them. This is equivalent to inventing your own moon rocket and reporting back what you find there.

Obviously, if I do not have my own moon rocket, moon rocketI cannot confirm or deny these reports. Even if you loan me your moon rocket, I might be motivated to fail with it, just to avoid confirming your results. Especially if I am your direct competitor.

Remember, Royal Rife first viewed living viruses. He observed them throughout their life cycle; and he put forth the notion of pleomorphism, which to a certain extent stood the medical world on it’s head.

He postulated that if he de-vitalized the virus Rife at scopehe commonly viewed in cancer, he could reverse the disease. And he set about to prove it. And he did. He was extolled by respected members of the medical profession, as well as in the Press.

I don’t see them blaming Edison for all the people who have been electrocuted in the electric chair. Henry Ford is not condemned for all the lives lost in automobiles. Not to mention the fact that most users of Rife machines already have a chronic or otherwise incurable problem which puts them at risk.

The Australian case referred to on Wikipedia was reported to me at the time as being a pair of concerned parents who were unimpressed with the prospects of chemotherapy for their child. They opted to take him elsewhere. It was presumably their intention to try Rife therapy first, which in most cases is a better choice before taking a nosedive into a conventional therapy that has little chance of success, and promises enormous collateral damage whether it works or not.

From that perspective, Rife therapy is a far less hazardous route; and it is totally logical to pursue it first, before embarking on a conventional protocol from which there is simply no return.

The Australian authorities apparently wanted to show that the parents were negligent for allegedly denying their son treatment. How can a government know what therapy is best?? They went to the trouble of making it a big deal. What possible motive does the government have to try to force a family to endure a procedure which they do not want and do not trust??

JWLABS’ Model A – Not Just Another UFO

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It’s so difficult to be forced to wade through the details of any technology, especially new technology, when you are ill. In that case your search for information is generally motivated by an underlying, but severe frustration. A frustration that comes from trying to grapple with the realization that there is seemingly no help, no easy solution, no clear path, and no well marked trails to follow.

One of the major issues many new users have to take on is the apparent complete lack of consensus on the Internet. The simple problem of how to choose a Rife product. For the greatest majority of new users at JWLABS, the Rife Machine is a relatively new concept, and in some cases it is totally foreign.

With a broad range of possible prices and complexity, the manufacturers have covered every possible price range in order to fit every budget; but still, for the most part, they provide no reasonable guidance for folks who need answers, not more unanswerable questions.

For those who are up to the challenge, it’s fairly easy to get through the obstacle course with common sense and a basic understanding of the technology itself. But it’s very difficult for those who have neither the time nor the patience for another challenge. Regardless of how smart they are.

One simply cannot make an informed choice from such a chaotic selection of hardware, a mixture of conflicting theories, and a fringe element that ranges from theoretical physicists to UFO enthusiasts. Every one is telling a different story.

It’s like coming through time from 200 years ago, and trying to select a used car. Folks need to have enough experience to make a good choice for themselves. There is simply no way around it.

Here are a few things to bear in mind:

  • First, this technology may be new to you, but it is not new. In fact, every part of it is old, and quite familiar if you know what to look for.
  • Beware of the subconscious tendency to believe the first thing you hear, simply because it is the first thing you heard. True that it is good to enter into anything that is new to you with child-like open mindedness, but it is imperative that you know where to draw the line.

  • Many so-called Rife Machines, are not really products; and for the most part, do not fill the expectations of the modern consumer. They merely emulate enough of the technology to fulfill their marketing goals.

There are three basic types of Rife device: Electric, Magnetic, and Radio. Electric, or direct current type machines are the best by far for the simple reason that it is the only direct method of application. All other means, regardless of how these are mixed together, are indirect, and therefore far less effective.

Magnetic, or pulsed electro-magnets, and Radio, (which is broadcast) both completely lack the effects of stimulus. Since you cannot feel them while they are working, they do not give you any obvious clues about how much you are getting, either too much or too little.

All three are simply variations on the same basic theme, which is to put frequency energy into the body at power. By this I mean, not subtle energy, like Radionics, or Reiki. And not superfluous methods like sound or light machines. No, not ultra sound, and not LASERs either.

In reality, about 80 percent of what we have come to expect from a Rife device, can only be accomplished by using the most potent of the direct electric type of machine. 

Model A Rife Machine – It’s a Family Affair

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I have had a number of successful uses of the Model A rife device on members of my family. My wife has encroaching arthritis in the joints of her fingers. Her joints are slowly becoming painful and over time have been getting larger. Her hand agility has decreased and she is prone to dropping things. I connect the Model A negative pad to her palm with a conventional sticky pad, and the positive terminal goes to a rubber pad with conductive gel which she wraps around the offending joint. I have been running the Metal Detox disc, track 1 or 2 for a half an hour. So the pathway of the current is very short, only through the hand. She controls the amount of energy to go as high as she wants to tolerate. The results have been an immediate decrease in pain, and more slowly, the swelling of the joints has reduced. Her flexibility and whole hand functioning has improved as evidenced by less dropping of objects. We think this sure beats mere pain management with aspirin or questionable NSAIDS.

A year ago, my sister, late 70s, had a lot of knee pain and swelling in both knees. She could not kneel down or get things off the floor. Walking involved some pain, and long walks were out of the question. I used the same program for her as for my wife and put a sticky pad on either side of her knee. First one knee, then the other for 1/2 hour each. We did three sessions a week for about three weeks and all symptoms have disappeared and not recurred.

About a year and a half ago, my nephew, mid 50s, had severe infections around the finger nails and whatever treatments the doctor was trying were not working very well. I did several sessions with the same setup as for my wife’s arthritis, and the inflamed infections cleared up very quickly. He could not believe how quickly the infections just seemed to dry up.

The same nephew came to me a couple months ago. He had taken a nasty fall to his shoulder and had been diagnosed as having a cracked shoulder bone. Operating was not feasible. He had researched on the web and had read that if you apply a current that oscillates in the 1 kHz range across the break, it would be beneficial to the mending process of broken bones. So I loaned him the machine for a week. He started with General Alignment Tk 2 (10 min) once a day for three days hand to hand, just to get him used to the rife energy. From then on for the next 5 days, he did track 4 (20 min) with the pads on either side of the ball joint. At his most recent check up, the doctor said that he was a full 4 weeks ahead of the original healing prognosis. After this experience together with the healed finger infections, my nephew calls the rife machine a miracle device.

Joseph B., New York
April, 2013

A Word from John Wright

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I started out building Rife-type devices for folks in 1987. My estimation of the industry at that time was such that I was reluctant to enter it. Even today, my opinion of most of the information on the internet which claims to represent Rife technology is that it is grossly misleading….or just plain WRONG!

Many of the devices found on the market today are cheap, off-the-shelf devices which deliver a modicum of effect. Because there are benefits to applying current to the body in general, these devices may help the well person to feel somewhat better; but they are hardly the instrument of choice when addressing a health crisis. Mostly, these devices are based on unquestioned interpretations of the technology. They reflect little to no research; rather, they are based on information garnered elsewhere on the internet. A classic example of what I call the “dumbing down” of the technology.

Needless to say, these devices are not accompanied with any level of customer support. And if you break it, you lose it.

The reason people choose JWLABS is that they can see that I am sincere about what I am doing. I have done actual development of the technology during the course of my 27 years in the industry. For that reason alone, I have more to offer. My genuine concern for your outcome is reflected in my commitment to providing personalized coaching, as needed. And, of course, I provide an extended repair/replacement warranty. This, because I am confident of the Model A’s reliability; and because I am committed to you having an instrument in good working order.

John Wright - Committed to your Success

John Wright – developing   Rife machines for 27 years

It’s unfortunate that it has taken such a long time for the public to recognize the importance of Rife technology. (Little do they know that the first direct contact machines were patented in the 1890′s.) Sadly, people find that when all conventional methods have failed, only the alternatives remain.

Most folks begin with only the most rudimentary folklore; and this, at the point where there seems to be no other reasonable solution to their problems. They are often thrust out of the conventional paradigm only after they have come to feel very much betrayed by mainstream medicine. Consequently, they are often flat broke and broken-hearted.

Thus they start out on a hunt for promoters of any “rife machine” on the web. It is horrendously unfair for these folks to have to wade through an onslaught of fraudulent claims and fake products.

A beginner’s search will produce about 90% nonsense, and unless you promptly find or near the top of the list on the Search Engine monopolies, you might not find me until you have already been robbed a few times.

Defeating Basal Cell Carcinoma with Model A

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My approach to life is that it’s an adventure, with interesting problems to solve. This is reflected in my approach to health, which involves both learning from others and some trial and error. I try different things and learn what works and what doesn’t work. Of course I’ve had lots of failures and I try to learn from them. And I enjoy talking to and learning from the people at JWLABS. I’m responsible for my own health and therefore make my own health decisions.

I don’t fear cancer, but view cancer as an interesting problem to solve. I don’t suggest that others use my approach to health, but I have been successful more than once working with the people at JWLABS. They are not medical practitioners, but their Model A and their thoughtful coaching has proven to be invaluable to me and my wife.

I’ve had the Model A Rife Machine for several years and used it about two times a month with the electrodes on my feet for an hour each time. About eight months ago I got a sore that oozed two or three drops of blood each day on the side of my jaw with a large lump under it. I also had a similar sore on my back, but without the lump and without any bleeding. After about two months I got concerned and increased the use of the Rife Machine to twice a week. After about two months the lump under the sore on my face disappeared, but the sore remained. I continued to use the machine for several more months with no further improvement.

My dermatologist did a biopsy on the two sores and said that they were both basal cell carcinoma. The doctor set up a surgery date in six weeks. I didn’t want surgery, and below is the alternative action I took.

During the next five weeks I used the Rife Machine about four times a week for one hour sessions, placing the electrodes directly on the sores instead of on my feet. During the first two days the sore on my face bled two or three drops while using the Rife Machine and another two or three drops during the day. On the third day and through the rest of the week, there was no bleeding while using the Rife Machine or during the rest of the day. By the end of the first week, the sores were dry with a scab and the diameter of the sore had been reduced from half of an inch to 1/4 inch. By the end of the fifth week there was a small pink spot about 1/8 of an inch in diameter where the sores used to be.

The Greatest Bargain in Health Care – JWLABS’ Model A

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To say that the Model A and JW Labs are the cornerstone of our family’s health program would be an understatement. We have successfully used the Model A to treat the following:

  •  Fungal infections (nail fungus, athletes’ foot)
  • Candida

  • Infections and mastitis from breastfeeding; my wife has had three infections, all of which were treated rapidly, without the need for antibiotics or hospital/doctor visits.

  • Strep throat — again, no need for antibiotics

  • Numerous colds and flu-like illnesses

When initially investigating Rife technology, I found a great deal of misleading information and, sadly, a number of outright charlatans. By contrast, John Wright is a font of deep knowledge, common sense, and integrity. He makes himself constantly available for guidance and advice. It is not difficult to use the Model A (John has made it very easy), but there are occasions when one needs guidance on how best to use the machine. John and Cherry are always available to assist. In fact, the Model A is far more powerful, safe, and sophisticated than anything that was available in Royal Rife’s day.

John offers a lifetime replacement/repair warranty. Just recently, our machine, after many years of flawless service, needed a minor repair. I sent it to John, and within a few days he sent me a new one!

Frankly, I only tend to get sick when I don’t use the machine prophylactically. It is important to use the Model A regularly when one is well to prevent illness, and not to treat only after one has become ill.

I believe that if every family in America owned a Model A, the health of our nation would take a quantum leap forward. I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon, but I do wholeheartedly recommend the Model A and JW Labs. It is the best investment you can make in your health, and you owe it to yourself to buy it from the most knowledgeable and most honest person selling these machines: John Wright.

By the way, I have no financial connection to JW Labs, and this testimonial is unsolicited. I’m simply thrilled about how this machine has helped myself and my family, and feel it’s important to spread the word.

N. Myers, CT                                                                                                                            February, 2013

family with infant

Invest in your family’s health with JWLABS’ Model A.

The Dangerous Rife Machine – What Some Manufacturers Don’t Disclose

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When we examine the frequency spectrum in nature, we observe that almost all frequencies generated in the earth are in the audio range, meaning the part that you can hear. Although there is a minimal amount of background radiation noise, the percentage of exposure it represents is very very small, indeed. In short, frequencies in the audio range are the safest.

It is established that above the audio range, the higher the frequency, the more dangerous it becomes. The frequency energy itself is trying to turn into heat, into light, and into electricity. Frequency energy in the microwave range, and most of the radio range, are all deadly in high concentrations. This is particularly true in prolonged or repeated exposure in very small amounts.

This factor must be carefully considered when examining the genre of Rife machines in the marketplace which tout radio frequencies. Often, promoters of these devices fall back on the axiom that their “broadcast” machines are the only true Rife machines.

For years, we have consistently reported that the broadcast-type device was useful primarily to prove Dr. Rife’s theory. It was what he needed to deliver frequencies to his Universal microscope.  (Read more HERE.)

True, experimenters continued to employ the “ray tube” or “beam ray” devices, irrespective of concerns expressed by some scientists of the era concerning the consequences of over-exposure to radio frequencies. Needless to say, less was known at the time of the real dangers. Indeed, microwave was unheard of.

Today we know the dangers of microwave exposure. So why are manufacturers of these broadcast-type devices not disclosing that their radio frequencies include the microwave band? Do they not know that microwave energy damages, and even kills human cells? And that the brain is particularly susceptible?

Cell phone towers alter our landscape – and the frequencies of our bodies.

In today’s modern world we are surrounded by devices producing massive frequency energy, almost all of which are in the unhealthful ranges.

In the world of Rife machines the broadcast, or radiant tube, is merely a means of application. If you are building your own device, it is by no means a required modality because 80% of the most established Rife applications cannot be performed by a tube apparatus anyway.

Radio energy is not healthful energy. Period. Experts can appreciate that if it is oscillated correctly, and there are proper measuring procedures it does have some value for a small number of applications. In fact, even ionizing radiation, such as X-rays, can be oscillated at the correct frequency thus achieving a percentage of the effect we call Rife therapy. But that would be like putting frosting on rat poison.

You can see the problem with the logic. Why build a device which is marginally effective in most applications and introduces additional health concerns?