Model A4 Start-up Guide

This evolution of Rife technology represents decades of research.

JWLABS marks its 30 years in the Rife machine industry.

Model A4 is cutting Edge.

It brings you uncanny ease of use.

It’s more powerful! More portable!

We take the guess work out of this complex and nuanced technology, without dumbing it down.

We’ll be here for you!

JWLABS is renown for personalized customer support.

Call us, or email, and we’ll help you customize your protocols and learn new techniques of application.

We work to ensure that you get optimal results from your Rife machine.

Use your Model A4 on a plane, train, or automobile!

The touch screen menu and the internal re-chargeable battery free you up as never before.

Over 320 titles on your menu. Select your favorites for quick access to your sessions.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your Rife therapy session. Even when you’re on the go!

Access your frequency sessions with a touch of your hand.

All sessions have been masterfully tuned from our previous analog machine.

Each protocol provides the full spectrum of therapeutic frequencies, from 2hz to 10,000hz.

This means that each title provides expert tuning through numbers known to be effective for all pathogens.

Our sessions effectively address Detoxification, Immune Stimulus, ATP synthesis, and more.

Call us to discuss your questions and concerns.

We’re here to help you sort the facts from the fiction, and to help you make the right choice for your needs.

Toll Free: 888-891-1122
Direct: 951-926-6415

Model A3 Start-up Guide

JWLABS’  Model A3 Rife machine Start-up Video.  Watch this to learn how to use your Model A3 Rife machine safely and effectively.

JWLABS has been manufacturing fine frequency instruments since 1987. High standards and ethics have always been the main tradition at Wright Labs. It is a tradition we choose to uphold. In addition to our unparalleled customer service policies, we replace or repair any failed machine for free, and generally provide all the same service as any manufacturing contractor.

Our first machines were commissions. Customers who know what a Rife machine is, and wish to have one made, contract with us for that purpose. We still do it this way.

We know that our customers expect nearly 100 percent effectiveness, and we do everything in our power to meet those expectations. One of the ways we do this is to make instruments that exceed what the customer expects. All of our machines have twice the power that Rife used, and are thousands of times more accurate.

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Basic Effects of Model A Rife machines

John Wright discusses his Model A Rife machine, and what benefits you might expect from using it.

The basic effects of using this frequency instrument will fascinate you.

Not only does our Rife machine de-vitalize pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites, it optimizes your cellular function.

Learn why JWLABS’ Model A Rife machine is a “must-have” for those who wish to optimize their health and protect their well-being.

People routinely experience an improvement in energy, improved immune system, and general detoxification.  Application of current to the body encourages proper function of organs, which includes the liberation of toxins. Rife technology takes advantage of the difference between the fragile cellular wall structure of pathogens (such as viruses, bacteria, etc.) and the much stronger cell wall of the human cells. Thus, the direct current which is mortal to microbes serves as a beneficial stimulus to human cells.

JWLABS has been providing fine frequency instruments since 1987.

With respect to the spectrum of endergonic reactions, and based on a long history  of our user reports, sessions are recorded by hand using JWLABS Model B-27. This is a fully analog, vacuum tube based frequency instrument, built especially for that purpose.

Our Model A line of Rife machines precisely converts the recorded session into the correct therapeutic output, so the user can perfectly reproduce the exact same high quality session at low cost. Thus, we bring forward the best of the old analog signal in a solid state format which is easy to use.


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Live Wires Start-up Guide

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Introducing Rife Therapy Online

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The Future is Here Today

pH – The Importance of Optimizing Your Acid-Alkaline Balance

John Wright discusses the significance of pH in optimizing your health.  Users of his Model A Rife machine are instructed to monitor pH as they utilize the technology. The acid-alkaline balance can be significant in restoring overall health, and using the Rife machine is likely to have considerable impact in this regard.

Extraordinary Results with Type 1 Diabetes Using JWLABS Model A Rife Machine

JWLABS customer uses Model A Rife machine successfully to address Diabetes type 1. This is an inspiring story of a gentleman who no longer relies on insulin to manage his disease. Christoph is a person to be taken seriously; he does his homework. In the aftermath of a heart attack which was nearly his demise, he researched alternative approaches for health and wellness. With consistent coaching from John Wright, he used his Model A safely and effectively to address his condition.

Chris has been off insulin since January, 2008. He continues to enjoy a healthy lifestyle with his Model A.

JWLABS Model A – Another Satisfied Customer

JWLABS customer reports on his success with Model A Rife machine. He uses it for general maintenance; and it has helped with significant issues, including fungus, tinnitus, and sinusitis.

Breast Cancer Survivor – Nancy Henry speaks at Annie Appleseed Conference

Nancy is a survivor of stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. She tells of her journey through the medical system, her self-designed alternative protocols, and her turning point when she added the Model A Rife machine to her regimen. She is a stunning example of how Rife technology can make other therapies more effective.

John Wright Comments on Nancy Henry’s Rife Machine Testimonial

John Wright adds some footnotes to Nancy’s experience with his Model A Rife machine. His comments will have you thinking about why this technology should become an important part of your life. Click on “home page” to access full site.

Japan Crisis – Radiation and the Rife machine

John Wright alerts us that the Rife machine should be used regularly to protect ourselves from the effects of radiation. Full-bodied sessions are recommended. Don’t wait! Explain to your loved ones the merits of Rife technology. Used routinely, we are less likely to succumb to the many health concerns that are likely to follow this crisis.

A Personal Therapy Device for our Ongoing Health Crisis

John Wright observes that we are facing a tsunami of health crises.

The source of disease often  includes water, air, and soil pollution. Radio and other EMF pollution. Radiation. Genetically modified food, and bio-engineered microbes.

Having the knowledge and the tools will make the difference in whether we survive or thrive. Knowing how to effectively detoxify can be key.

JWLABS offers the Model A state-of-the art Rife machine. A superior home therapy device based on the age-old history of electro-medicine, this instrument may make a significant difference in helping people regain and maintain optimum health and well-being.

JWLABS Model A – The Perfect Rife machine

JWLABS has been designing and manufacturing fine Rife frequency instruments since 1987. We excel at customer support, as this often makes the difference in your results.

Model A is the perfect Rife machine! Used by many people as an experimental home remedy, it enhances immune function and hastens healing from surgery and sports injuries.

Here is a pleasing montage of microscopic photos, coupled with a brief ad for JWLABS. Please share this with your friends. Let’s make it go viral….pun intended!

* These machines are not approved by the FDA, and we make no medical claims. Our instruments are offered as experimental research devices only. We encourage responsible research on the part of each individual, and each user signs a contract wherein this is stipulated. The Customer Support we provide is solely for the purpose of assisting our customers in using their instrument safely.