Our Mission

JWLABS – purveyor of fine frequency instruments since 1987.

Electro-medicine has been employed by forward-thinking health professionals for many years. The current state of the technology we employ utilizes the work of Royal Rife and many others who came before and after.

We specialize in solid-state devices which deliver full-bodied frequency sessions for use as a home remedy, allowing you to get your hands back on the steering wheel concerning your health and wellness. We also support clinics worldwide who use our devices.

Our mission is to bring the merits of what has become known as Rife technology to the mainstream.

We do this by offering products which are reliable and affordable and produce benefits for the user. In addition, we are committed to full customer support to help ensure the optimum results.

Model A is used by many to address the following:

chronic illness
-opportunistic infections
-pain relief
-general health maintenance

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